Friday at Surf Expo January 2005

Posted on Saturday, January 8, 2005 by Rob

Friday at Surf Expo January 2005
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

I have so many photos of Chris Haslam that he probably thinks I'm a flaming stalker or something. That dude is amazing. On the manual pad he was doing kickflip hang ten nose manuals and switch heels to backwards one footed switch manuals. And just when you're sitting there thinking of how rare it is to see tricks you've never seen or thought of yet, Chris shows you some more on the mini ramp. He was doing frontside flips to front rock on the vertical part of the mini ramp extension and fakie rocks to kickflip out.

Today (Saturday) is going to be a damn good session. Friday was just practice. Saturday is the Pro Contest and Sunday is the Am Contest.

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Mike Peterson does real frontside ollies out of front blunts
The Peter blunt was a common trick in this session. Kyle Berard here demonstrates - it's basically a blunt fakie but you're hopping out of a frontside pivot instead
Stormin' Mormon Josh Meready needs one of those high air measuring things for the mini ramp
Who does a Jim Jam better than Jim Gray?
You could hear Chris Haslam catch this 360 flip to fakie - first try
Chris Haslam is amazing. Check out this andrect. Nice
Grant Taylor floats huge frontside ollies
Dennis Busenitz is going to make a gunshot sound right after he smacks his tail on this frontside ollie
Brian Schaefer and Chris Haslam. Chris was doing fakie rocks to kickflip in on the mini ramp. Fakie rock kickflip in? Yeah, that's a new one to me, too
Carlos De Andrade has serious tranny skills
What are they working on in the DVS booth?
Tom Curran, Matt Milligan, and Rob Meronek at Surf Expo with some nice scenery
This is Chris Williams, Rob Meronek, Matt Milligan, and Nick Halkias at some place called Lu Lu's that you have to go to and look cool at after the show if you want to be considered a somebody in the skateboard industry
Matt Milligan and friends
Holy crap! It's Matt Milligan not partying!

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