Vans Clash of the Crews 2017 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Clash of the Crews 2017 Coverage

Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2017 by Paul

True, skateboarding is an individual thing. You do you. I do me. But besides the feeling we all get from doing us, the best part about skating is having a blast with the bros. And that’s why the annual Vans Clash of the Crews contest is so rad. This year 18 different crews rolled into town, with each one representing the shop that hooks them up. There was Plus from Orlando, Vu from Baltimore, Asylum from Chicago, Hazard from Atlanta, MIA from Miami, and on and on. Crews of all stripes, from gangster to hesh, tech to gnar. You ever seen that movie The Warriors? It was like that but with skateboarding instead of violence.

The format at Clash is rad because each crew skates the course as a posse. Teams consist of four skaters with the option for a fifth if the shop owner wants to join in. A team’s three best scores count. After a qualifying round and then some single elimination semi final rounds, the last two shops in the running were Island Water Sports and, surprise surprise, Skatepark of Tampa. No favoritism necessary.

The Tampa boys had the home court advantage. They knew the jibs and jabs and had tricks for every obstacle in the park. BUT, the Island Water crew was just too hot to handle. Jamie Foy as you know is a beast and had his signature moves locked down tight. FS crooks shove every time. Pedro and Fabiana Delfino left a trail of smoldering urethane behind every trick. Josh Douglas, all style and a pat of butter and fakie back lipslides all day. And Dan Lundy, showing that just because you spend the majority of your time slanging skate product doesn’t mean you have to forget how to rip it. So IWS took home the well-deserved Clash title and walked away with $1000 courtesy of Vans.

Eternal thanks to Vans for making it possible and to every shop that came out for it. Let’s do it again soon okay?

Video: Frank Branca

Photos: Josh Bowser
Derick and the rest of the SPoT staff warming up the mic while the Crews warm up the course.
Sly took the role of Water Mane tonight. Thanks for keeping us hydrated.
Tyson and the boys took a quick opportunity to hit the concrete before the Sun disappeared; Body Jar.
Back inside it was time for Schaefer to break down some of the rules. “Play nice boys. Jus’ Kidding!”
This was right around the time when everyone’s nervous energy kicked in. “Let’s do this!”
And they’re off!
Through the first corner..
Most guys made it through the first turn in decent shape, but it still got a little dicey.
This is where things got crowded.
Sam didn’t mind though.
Niko Howard ended up cruising into First Place after a pileup in the Finals.
Sam…well Sam made it across the Finish Line in a slightly different style.
Schaefer was loving every minute of it.
Congratulations to our Top 3: Pedro Delfino(3rd), Sam Bellipanni(2nd) and Niko Howard(1st)
Derick closed out the night in typical fashion; with an ollie over the Fire Pit. See you guys in the morning for the real contest!
It was a dreary morning, but our dedicated volunteers still set up their tents first thing and made the best of it.
Morgan was out here with Vans, serving up Free waffies and coffee. Thank you Vans keeping us all full and juiced!
The lovely ladies at Boards for Bros also had goodies available, with every cent going back to giving the gift of skateboarding. Thank you ladies!
Jay was again serving up Burgers and Dogs to the hungry crowds. Keep killing it Jay!
Back in the course, FSEC (Former SPoT Employee Club) member DJ Albow was keeping the vibe up with the right tunes to get us all through the day.
Brad was also here with Vans, making sure we had everything we needed to put on such a sick event. He was also giving Alex "Lee Roth" props on his amazing MC abilities.
Alright Derick, lets get this contest started shall we?!
Malique Simpson - Back Lip
Chris Colmenero reppin’ for Hazard County with this Back Smith through the corner.
Marse Farmer - Working that Home Court Advantage - Half Cab Nosegrind.
Andrew Daigle was smashing these FS Air to Disasters all day.
Chad Poore - Back Lip 270 Out.
Wall Jams are always in fashion.
Adam Tyler - 360 Flip Tailgrab.
Crowd View - Thanks again to everyone who came out!
Frank came out for the weekend and found all the good angles. Go watch his Ride Channel edit now!
Braden Stelma - Kickflip FS Board.
Marcus Lizzmore - Crooked Grind.
Yonis Molina repping Westside Skateshop - FS Noseblunt.
Chris Blake came out with the Plus Skateshop Crew and flowed around the park like he lived here.
Super rad to see Isaac Wilson and the Ramp 48 crew flying their colors for the contest. Thanks for being here!
Kevin Timmons - BS Tailslide.
Tyler Kirshenbaum - BS Smith.
Sean Powderly - Nollie Heel Noseslide
Sergio Ochoa reppin’ BC Surf and Sport had these Flick FS Boards on lock.
The judges get to work weeding out crews for the Semis.
Time to lurk around the courtyard again. Sup Piro?
Ran into John Gow and Jereme Knibbs out there, old friends and FSEC members. Good to see you guys.
Back to the course just in time to get the action going again.
Uncle Sam’s consistent runs help put the SPoT Team in the Finals - Front Blunt.
Marse Farmer - Nollie Noseblunt.
James was blasting up, down and across everything in sight - Kick?ip
Watching Josh Douglas do these Switch Back Lips so easily was kinda making me jealous.
Josh Douglas - BS 5-0 Transfer.
Jamie Foy put on a show for everyone with ridiculous rail moves like this FS Feeble from the ramp Pop Out.
In the end, it was the Island Water Sports Crew who took it home with the help of their entire team including Jamie Foy - FS Crook Transfer.
The guys from Asylum came all the way from Chicago, IL for the contest, wow! Thank you so much for making the trip.
Thanks again to Brad, Morgan and everyone at Vans who make this epic contest a reality!
The Westside Crew put in work all day and earned 3rd Place for their efforts. Good job fellas.
Our boys on the SPoT Team killed it and snagged 2nd Place. Hell yea dudes!
All the guys and girls skating for Island Water Sport totally destroyed the course and walked away with a well deserved 1st Place prize plus a check for $1000. Congratulations!
Congratulations and thank you to all 18 of our participating teams and an extra special thank you to Vans for helping us make this event a reality. See you all next year!


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