Adio Team News January 2005

Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2005 by News

Okay....first off...BAM bought a CUSTOM purple Lamborghini....marinate on that for a bit.....It seems as though he has the bling status of any rapper out there...

For those who are sleeping on BAM....BAM is the 13th skater to conquer the loop! Not to mention the first "street" skater......He did it first try without any padding! It was an incredible moment in skateboarding. Congratulations Bam!

Check out Joey Brezinski in Cliche's third video release Freedom Fries. It's borderline scary how good Joey is.

Ernie Torres got 6th place in the Analog Best Trick Contest on Dec. 9th. Ernie busted a kickflip nose wheelie to noillie flip out on the bump to manual. Incase you did not know, Ernie has a Slayer toothbrush...I'm jealous!

I am positive that you will soon see Ernie Torres and Nick Dompierre in Real Skateboard's new promo video "Roll Forever" which is really more like a hold nothing back, go for broke, full length video. The reason it's a promo and I'm positive you'll see it is because you will find it inserted in an upcoming issue of Thrasher.

Adio team riders Chris Roberts, Kenny Anderson, and Jose Rojo are all rolling smoothly with Modern Wheels.

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