Thursday at Tampa Am 2005 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Thursday at Tampa Am 2005

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2005 by Rob

Thursday at Tampa Am 2005
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

There was an insane bowl session going on during the Jahmal Williams Art Show with free beer from PBR flowing during the whole session. After hours, there was a private session with the Zero team. Chris Cole was here with rock star dyed blond hair. He was with Jamie Thomas, Tommy Sandoval, Dan Murphy, and others. It was a nice late night demo. It's Friday morning right now and today's qualifier heats for street are about to begin. The top 16 make the cut to the Semi-Finals on Sunday with the top qualifier going directly to the Finals.


Ed Selego and Matt Selego somewhere out in Ybor
Rob Aaron hops back in to the bowl fakie from this blunt stall on the ledge
Can you tell Chris Cudlipp goes 100 miles an hour?
Josh Maready - frontside melon over the hip in the bowl
Chris Cudlipp - huge alleyoop melon over the bowl hip
Part of the scene in the Jahmal Williams Art Show
It's hard enough just to imagine yourself doing a nollie 270 to switch back lip, but Danny Cerezini makes it look simple
Antoine Asslein - nollie front feeble grind on the bump to flat bar
Unknown soldier - back tail fakie on the round rail. Update: This is Derek Simon
Ahbi Huston - back smith on the bump to flat bar
Aaron Scott - stale fish over the hip in the bowl
The John Party Cam is out and about. Check out Big Dave's hat - nice. This is part of the scene outside of the artshow
Part of the scene at the Jahmal Williams Exclusive Art Show.
SPoT employee Chapin Atchison picked up Ernie Torres, Dylan Rider, and Nick DomPierre at the airport


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