Creature "VI" Video Premiere / Concrete Jam Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Creature "VI" Video Premiere / Concrete Jam Coverage

Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 by Chris

A few weeks ago, we held a premiere for Creature's newest video, "VI" here at SPoT. Like always, we never do things half-assed, so we decided to throw in a Concrete Jam to mix it up. Add in a bunch of free stuff from Creature and Converse and it was one hell of an evening. Check out Tristan Mershon's edit and make sure you pick up a copy of the Creature video - it's insane...

Video: Tristan Mershon
Photos: Josh Bowser
I always demand a skate photo from our Event Manager & Host Derick Glancy, and he obliged me here with this BS Disaster.
Then had to do his host thing and introduce the event via our edit, created by our newest FSEC member, Tristan Mershon.
The kids are down for Creature in Tampa!
Takoki & his friend got down on the free watermelon someone brought.
Cash could’ve probably ollied over this bench and Big Koki.
The clouds started to roll in just as Wes started the session with this Rock n Roll.
No one, including Paolo, seemed to mind. - Fakie Nosepick
Mike Wiegner - Boneless in
Timmy & Tristan both put in work while warming up for the Concrete Jam.
Derick got suited up for the impending rain just in time for our special East Coast premier of the newest Creature video. Big shout out to Creature for making that possible!
The new venue was packed and fully ready to accommodate everyone for the premier of the video, which was insane! No better way to start a Concrete Jam! Let’s do this!
Skkkrt. Pause for a powwow in the Cool Kids section.
Eventually we did get to skating, or watching skating at least. Wes commenced planting Texas style all over the place. He just graduated from regular Slobs apparently.
Kalen Gelo was on a rampage hitting all the big walls with style. At least until he hit this big wall with his body. And face.
The temporary tats were a serious hit. And they seemed to be working for Paolo, who was ripping every corner and wall he rolled up to.
Mike Wiegner - Foot Plant to Tail
Chuckie - FS Grind
Chuckie - Back tail over the door gap
Usually whenever you see Chuckie, Alejandro is right behind him doing something just as gnarly. Frontside over the door.
Paolo - Blunt Crail FS Body Varial.
Alejandro shut it down with this Iceberg or Frigid Plant or Boneless Revert. Call it what you want, it was insane.
Micon’s FS Blunt may have been just after time, but it was still proper.
Time for our judges to make the tough choice and announce the winners.
Kalen Gelo received a special mention for taking the hardest slam. And doing that Hurricane over the Door that I missed. You killed it Kalen!
Wes ripped all night and received a well deserved prize. SPoT Team represent!
Jordan was super hyped to find out he placed in the Top 5.
Tampa Timmy really did put in work (as I mentioned earlier) and earned a 3rd Place trophy. Yea Timmy!
In the end it was Paolo, the guy who hit every wall, took every run (regular & switch!) and used his blood as warpaint, who ended up in First Place and took home the illustrious Creature Fiends Car Club plate & some cold hard CASH. Congratulations you animal!
Congratulations to all the winners and Thank You to everyone who made this special event possible including CONS and Creature Skateboards. And of course to everyone who supports the Skatepark of Tampa by coming to our events. See you guys next time!


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