Huf School's Out Jam All Ages Contest Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Huf School's Out Jam All Ages Contest Coverage

Posted on Thursday, June 8, 2017 by Chris

Florida summer is here, which means extreme heat and rain for pretty much the rest of the year until December. But that didn't stop these kids from coming out to skate our annual School's Out Jam. This year was extra rad because Huf came through with tons of giveaways, prizes and Brad Cromer, Austyn Gillette and Jake Anderson. We powered through the humidity and put together a great day of skating, BBQ and Boards For Bros out in the courtyard. Here are some highlights from the day.

Video: Frank Branca
Photos: Josh Bowser & Matt Rice
Shoutout to all the parents, especially the skate moms who came out to support their kids and everyone else at the contest.
Here's some of them now. Thanks Moms!
The Course looking fresh with the help of Huf!
Brian Schaefer's morning warm ups on the mic and saying "bring on the Schools Out Jam!"
Who's mans is this?!
Sly on some next level fashion.
Ready for you to come relax and get a tan outside in the courtyard.
Kirby getting everyone dialed in at registration. You want in? You have to get through Kirby!
Keenan Lewis - FS Noseblunt
Thanks to Brad Cromer for coming out and being a champ all weekend.
Nothing like a fresh deck for the day of the contest. We've got what you need!
Homies hustling hard on the pool table. Watch out these kids might roll you!
Zion might have to enter a higher age group next contest, because he's been destroying to competition lately. Congratulations Zion!
"Yo, show me what you got in the Product Toss."
Zakar Hussein with a perfect front feeble every time.
Break time already!?!?!
Kris Clayton - BS Tailgrind aka Suski Grind
Jack Wahl - BS Smith
Freedom Charles and Aiden Daubert got their spot by the fan to chill.
Josue Cuervo and his older brother having fun for his first contest!
Jake Anderson - FS Tail over the Door Gap right before the heavens opened back up.
Josh Wolf - BS Smith
Austyn Gillette working his way out on to the course to skate all day.
Jordi Zapata nailing down one of many 180 5-0 180's on the hubba. Absolutely crushing it!
Marc Arias - Dropped the hammer on this BS Noseblunt.
Maycon Mota - Kickflip Crook.
Brad Cromer talked with just about everyone on the course.
When Boards For Bros is handed lemons they make you lemonade.
Austyn sweated it out like a local all weekend in his Tampa kit - Halfcab Flip
Austyn - Heelflip
High fashion out on the course taking her run.
Zion Effs and his homies excited about the win!
Lester Cepero - FS Kickflip to the moon
Alejandro about to grab in from this FS Nosegrind
8 and Under Top 5 Zion Effs, Elijah Wolcott, Jett Lambert, Kaleb Tittlebach and Jackson Rutherford
9-12 Division Top 5 Jonah Clark, Noah Pollard, Noah Nagaro, Ethan Pitts and Samuel Periera
Miles - Mile high FS Air
Adam Tyler - FS Wall Jam
Ryan Cullen gets his first win as his guy attack him. Way to go Ryan!
13-15 Division Top 5 Ryan Cullen, Trip Miller, Austin Butler, Noah Alderman, Daniel Martinez
Austyn Gillette and the Huf boys setting you up with a product toss!
Austyn - BS Smith
Brad Cromer - FS Blunt to Fakie
Jake Anderson - Kickflip
Lestor Cepero going huge with a kickflip over the hip.
Tim Geiger outside in the courtyard staying warmed up.
Crusty Mayo boys Jack Wahl and Jay Huber know how to keep it fun!
Brian asked Santa for his presents early this year. "Have you been a good boy?"
Jake Anderson - FS Kickflip
Austyn - Switch FS Grind
Marcelino Mendoza with a perfect front feeble.
Jake Anderson showing us a proper kickflip over the hubba.
The 16 and Up Top 5 (not in order): Jake Yanko, Aaronn Depaulis, Tobey Akins, Tyler Wolford, Blake Odom.
Sponsored Division Top 5 Marse Farmer, Haze Miller, Jordi Zapata, Lestor Cepero and Marc Arias


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