Tampa Am 2005 Sunday Awards Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2005 Sunday Awards

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2005 by Rob

Tampa Am 2005 Sunday Awards
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

Thank you all for coming to our contest and thanks for checking out all this stuff we put on the website. See you next year.

Brian Schaefer holds up Nyjah Huston. That bottle of champagne he's holding is probably older than he is
Danny Rosario drinks to 3rd Place
Champagne flies as Nyjah is announced as the winner
Andrew Pott won the Zero Best Trick Contest with a big flip front board to fakie and a hard flip back lip
Top three in street from left to right: Nyjah Huston (1st), Sean Conover (2nd), and Danny Rosario (3rd)
Sean Malto gets the Skateboarder Magazine most painful elimination of the day award for face planting during his run
Chris Cole and Brian Schaefer
You can thank Tom Curran for the World Industries Moat Race
Tim O'Connor was the guy on the mic for most of the weekend
Gabe Clement from DVS - thanks for the support
Damn, does it look like Vern Laird has done some bar hopping or what? Check the sleeve of different wristbands he's got there. He won some loot today betting on the Eagles
Even though we had a ton of stuff to throw out, it still looks like your chances are pretty slim with a crowd like that
Girls gone wild - for skateboard stuff
G-Unit, the Hawk Clothing chick, made out with this random kid to supply the crowd with 15 seconds of entertainment
There was a small skate shop's worth of stuff in the product toss. Hopefully everyone came up with something. Thanks to all the companies whose banners you see in the background for that


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