The Wannabe Photographer's First Photos

Posted on Monday, February 7, 2005 by Rob

The Wannabe Photographer's First Photos
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

Last week, we got to the part in our photography class where you learn to actually print the photos you take using the darkroom like you see in the movies or whatever. I was super hyped after that so I came to the Park on Saturday to take some photos of a vert session going down. Here's a few of Mike Frazier and poker champ Vert Ramp James that I just printed. We're starting off with black and white right now. These photos were taken with a 20-year-old Canon AE-1 that I bought for this class.

I can't even imagine doing this on a mini-ramp. Mike Frazier's frontside cab to frontside 5-0 is insane
Vert Ramp James asked for a print of this photo because according to him, this backside nosegrind is, "The only thing I can do that's worth a s--t."
That's Josh Stewart there filming Mike Frazier's frontside cab stale grab

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