2017 Harvest Jam Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2017 Harvest Jam Photos

Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017 by Chris

It's our last all ages contest of the year, so we have to go out big before Tampa Am. It was so hot, kids were puking left and right and almost passing out, but they were all smiles at the end of the day. Out in the courtyard was our annual Boards For Bros Build Day (photos here), where volunteers helped put together over 250 complete skateboards to give to underprivileged kids. On top of everything else, we gave out our Annual All Ages Awards to kids who placed the best in our All Ages Contests throughout the year, and specialty awards to those who made a difference in 2017.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Jett Lambert - Front Board
Jonny Moening - Frontside Grind
Hunter George about to Drop-In for his run.
Danny Bonelli - Ollies the Water Gap right after taking a gnarly slam.
Noah Alderman - Backside Heelflip
Diego Cerna - Feeble
Zay floats a Backside Ollie
Aaronn Depaulis - Dipped Back Smith
Jake Yanko - Big Frontside Transfer
Freedom Charles - High Speed Kickflip
Jake Yanko - Slob Wall Jam
The 30+ Champ, Matt Rice - Salad Grind
Aaron Morgan - Front Rock
Bryan Adams about to jam up the rail on this 50-50.
Matt Rice was the only guy in the 30 and Up Divison to hit the big rail. Crooks
You know Maycon is repping SPoT!
Nick Wallace - Backside Ollie Shifty while warming up for the Sponsored Division.
Sponsored Practice can get pretty hectic. JC Mazza Front Blunts in traffic.
AJ Dall - Switch 50-50
Dillon Brown - Smith Stall
Darius Sibley - Bluntslide
Alejandro - Hippy Jump
Cris Lesh - Switch Feeble 180
Rolo - Switch Bigspin Heel
JC Mazza - Back Tail
Cris Lesh - FS Hurricane
Marse Front Blunts his way to First Place.
8 & Under top 5 (L to R): Bradley Roberts (5th), Zion Effs (1st), Jett Lambert (2nd), Jonny Moening (3rd), Jackson Rutherford (4th - not pictured)
9-12 top 5 (L to R): Nash Barfield (5th), Noah Pollard (3rd), Noah Nagaro (1st), Griffin Landry (2nd), Hunter George (4th)
Courtney Block was the only girl in the Girls division, and she rules, so we gave her first place.
13-15 Division top 5 (L to R): Dane Dowding (5th), Ryan Cullen (2nd), Fernando Ruiz (1st), Diego Cerna (3rd), Elijah Allred (4th).
16-29 Division top 5 (L to R): Nick Christopher (1st), Aaronn Depaulis (2nd), Liam Brocks (3rd), Jairus Hodges (4th), Jake Yanko (5th).
30 & up Division top 5 (L to R): Jimmy Dennis (5th), Bryan Adams (4th), Matt Rice (1st), RJ Venters (2nd), Aaron Morgan (3rd).
Sponsored Finals Division top 4 (L to R): Alejandro Burnell (5th), JC Mazza (3rd), Marse Farmer (1st), Malique Simpson (2nd), Maycon Mota (4th - not pictured).


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