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Skatepark of Tampa Traffic Ranking

Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2005 by Rob

Corporate Marketing Crap
Words by Rob Meronek, Corporate King of Cha-Ching

Here's a small portion of some marketing thing I had to put together for the site. It shows our traffic ranking compared to various other sites out there. One site that's ahead of us that I conveniently left out is CCS.

Here's the corporate bidniss blurb sent to the people that run our industry in a plea for free stickers to put into all your online orders:

Current traffic rankings for Skatepark of vs other top skateboarding sites are shown below. Alexa is an Amazon company that tracks traffic on the web. has little to no advertising budget but ranks the highest among sites with skateboarding content. We are beginning an ad campaign in 2005 to further stregthen our position.
  1. 16,502nd
  2. 21,180th
  3. 21,586th
  4. 22,460th
  5. 96,100th
  6. 103,133rd
  7. 137,428th
  8. 165,501st
  9. 191,166th
  10. 212,844th
  11. 248,733rd
  12. 524,120th


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