Vans Clash of the Crews 2019 Qualifiers & Finals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Clash of the Crews 2019 Qualifiers & Finals Photos

Posted on Thursday, January 24, 2019 by Chris

This year's Clash of the Crews was the biggest turnout ever, with 30 crews battling it out for the top spot and $2,000 courtesy of Vans. In true SPoT fashion, we added a Best Trick and Concrete Jam to the mix...coverage of that coming soon. In the meantime, check out some photos from the day.

Photos by Josh Bowser & Stephen Oliveira
Bluetile and the Saturday Skateboards Crew showed up really early. Considering they were already sleeping in the park the night before…
Registration was crowded as always, but Clint handled business. Thanks for ruling Clint.
Coco Torres - Crooked Grind.
Billy Griffin takes a 50-50 Up and Down the Square Rail
Marc Arias followed him up with a Boardslide
Alex Szlabonyi : Heeflip Back Lip
Sup Jake?
Nasa’s photographer was on the scene, probably trying to figure out how Jake Yanko flies so high…
Nothing like going upside down to get the blood flowing…Evan Tieman : Eggplant
Peter Kryger : Frontside Wallbash
Lester Cepero : Flick Front Lip
Marcos always turns heads at Clash…Kickflip Back Tail
Lester : Switch Heel
Andrew Evans was easy to spot in the Nylon Suit.
Malique Simpson : Over the Top to Front Feeble
Darius Sibley : Front Tail
Shane Carter looking formal.
Dan Lundy is here and he brought the Island Water Sports team with him. Hey buddy!
Marse swimming upstream.
Jake Yanko floating Alley-Oop into the Roll-In
Watch your feet when Steven Pineiro is on the Course! Full speed Noseblunt
Jamal Campbell is here with the Permission Crew.
Boards for Bros was all set up for another build day. And the volunteers handled it in record time.
Look at all those boards they made…Thank you to the volunteers and skaters that helped build these.
Wes : Crook
Marse : Fakie Front Blunt
Noah Pollard : Crook Indy Transfer
Always a pleasure to have big Tim G on the mic.
Vu Skateshop’s Gary Smith was skating and chilling all weekend. Baltimore in the house!
Meagan Guy wasn’t here to skate but she can lurk with the best of ‘em.
All kinds of interesting characters are here…
Marcos again with a Back Overcrook to Fakie
Kris Clayton cruising through a Back Smith for the Boards for Bros Squad.
Blue Tile’s Billy Griffin had these Back Tails on lock and I finally managed to snap one.
Hyped to have a photo of Mike Peterson doing his iconic trick, the Peterblunt.
Brian catching up with Mike and the Block Crew.
Jake sends it over the Hip and the Rail.
Jake always pulls something mind blowing at every contest & and this Axle Stall is no exception. Did you see how close he came to dying on this??! Head to our Insta now to see the footy.
Landon Swan helps take the Graffiti Skate Zone crew to the Podium with this Front Feeble.
The Bluetile boys took home a “Just for Showing Up” Award and Dave and the whole crew was juiced about it.
Billy and Brian got pretty close this weekend.
They even made us an Award of our own. Wow you guys f-ing rule…
Yea boys! Thanks again for coming out and staying at the Park every night.
Thanks for Showing up Permanent Vacation! Best Shop name of the weekend also.
This pup won Raddest Dog Award.
Death Racers Jake Yanko (2nd) and Keenan Lewis (1st)
It goes without saying that the Vans team should get an award. Thank you Morgan, Pat and everyone at Vans that makes Clash of the Crews possible!
Congratulations to Graffiti Skate Zone! First Place at Clash of the Crews 2019 and $1000 cash!
Our SPoT Boys didn’t slack either, taking home 2nd Place.
The Vice Squad is full of ripping dudes and ended up with a hard earned 3rd Place finish.
Congratulations to the good homies at Westside Skateshop. 4th Place!
Congratulations to our Top 3 Finishers and thanks to all of our sponsors! See you guys next year!
Time for a Product Toss!


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