Vans Clash of the Crews 2019 Concrete Jam Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Clash of the Crews 2019 Concrete Jam

Posted on Friday, January 25, 2019 by Chris

One of the new additions to the Vans Clash of the Crews Shop vs. Shop contest this year was an insane Concrete Jam, where each crew picked their best cement chomper to go all out in the courtyard. As usual, things got way crazier than expected.
Video: Tristan Mershon
Photos: Josh Bowser
Marse gets the Crowd hyped with a smooth Back Smith.
Steven Pineiro : Front Nosegrind over the Door…heavy.
Jake Yanko Backside over the Door and the kids.
Jake throws a One Foot.
Jake Yanko about to “Yank” in this Nosepick.
Wes with a Huge Texas Plant in front of all the homies.
Steven again over the Door Gap with a Back Tail.
The Front Blunt was the trick that put it over the top for Steven. You are gnarly dude.
Another angle of Steven’s insane Front Blunt over the Door Gap.
Adam from Permanent Vacation killed the Concrete Jam, taking home the Best Trick Award for his insane FS Invert over the Door. Beast!
Steven Pineiro is a madman, plain and simple. First Place Overall in the Concrete Jam!


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