Taking Video Notes: Nickles and Dimes Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Taking Video Notes: Nickles and Dimes

Posted on Sunday, May 1, 2005 by Rob

Instant Winner Presents: Nickels and Dimes
Words by Rob Meronek

Check out TheInstantWinner.com
Have you seen the Instant Winner boards in the shop? On some of them, you can’t tell what the graphics are until you put on the 3D glasses that come with them. Nice gimmick. There’s a few names in this video I’ve heard just because of doing Tampa Am and the Damn Am over the last few years, but the main reason I wanted to check out their “Nickels and Dimes” DVD was to see Billy Rohan’s part. I don’t really have too much to comment on with the other parts, but Billy’s was pretty good. He did a hurricane grind across that one spot with the ledge that you have to slide like 10 feet to get over a grate in the ground. He also nollie backside 360 heel flipped into that pyramid thing with the drop off at the bottom of it – I just call it the Zared Basset spot. Last year’s Minneapolis Damn Am at 3rd Lair winner, Andrew Cannon, now rides for Instant Winner but didn’t complete a part in time for this video, I guess. It’s only twelve bucks to get it at SPoT. If that’s too big of a dent in your funds, make sure to check it out at your homie’s house.



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