88 Footwear Press Release

Posted on Wednesday, May 4, 2005 by News

88 Footwear Press Release
To our valued retail partners,

Thank you for your support of 88 Footwear and Alias Distribution. We value you as customers and friends.

In 2002, Alias Distribution committed to a three year plan for supporting a raw, core skateboard footwear company. Transworld Skateboarding senior photographer Ed Dominick proposed the marketing plan, and 88 Footwear was established. Ed assembled the top professional, amateur and legendary skateboarders and launched 88 Footwear. Over the next three years Ed and his crew made their impact felt within the skateboard industry through huge coverage, scoring numerous pages in the magazines and debuting the first 88 Footwear video "Destroy Everything Now" to widespread acclaim.

Unfortunately, the three years of operating 88 Footwear did not hit the projected returns that were expected of the brand. After struggling with less than expected revenues and profitabilities, we are forced to make a very tough decision. Alias Distribution will no longer fund 88 Footwear.

Alias Distribution will ship the vulcanized Peter Hewitt signature model, the Lurker, and Neil Blender's signature model, theProgressor, on 6/25/05. After these deliveries, 88 Footwear will no longer be distributed by Alias Distribution. This decision has been very difficult, and we are prepared to support you as we close out operations. We thank Ed Dominick, Nate Peacher, Lance Conklin for their dedication, and everyone who supported 88 Footwear.

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