Bam Margera Hooks Up With Jessica Simpson?

Posted on Friday, June 3, 2005 by Rob

Bam Margera Hooks Up With Jessica Simpson?
Words swiped from some website. Hopefully they don't find out.

Jen [Bam’s ex]: He cheated on me with 45-50 girls. Yes, he did F- Jessica Simpson.

DJ: And you know this for a fact?
Jen: I know this for a fact. He woke up in her bed. I have an email. He told me all about it.

DJ: How long have you guys been broken up?
Jen: Two and a half months. The whole thing is a lie. The whole show [Newlyweds] is a lie.

DJ: When did the whole Jessica Simpson thing go down?
Jen: It was in LA. He [Bam] was at a Hem [some band] show with Ryan [a fellow Jackass] and Jessica was there and she started grinding up on him and he was like, “What the hell? It’s Jessica Simpson.” I hope it burns when he pees!

DJ: What made you decide to call Q102?
Jen: Somebody asked me to call. One of my friends called and said you guys were talking about it the other day and so I said, what the hell.

DJ: I believe it was the dad.
Phil: Phil [Margera, Bam’s dad] can’t keep his mouth shut. He tells the truth just like I do. Me and Phil are the only people that can tell the truth and the rest of them, they’re all a bunch of BSers. They’re all paid by Bam and paid to lie for him.

DJ: You broke up with him two months ago?
Jen: After 7 years and a ring.

DJ: You were engaged to him?
Jen: Yes.

DJ: Why should we believe you? Maybe you’re trying to get back at him.
Jen: If I wanted to get him back, I’d so him because he put me on a videotape without permission. It’s not about the money, it’s about people knowing the truth. I don’t want a bunch of kids walking around idolizing somebody they shouldn’t be. People need to be real in this world. That’s why I’m doing it.

DJ: This is going to get out and be a big bombshell for Jessica Simpson and her people
Jen: She humped PJ too while they were shooting Dukes of Hazzard.

DJ: Who?
Jen: PJ. [Ohh] Johnny Knoxville [PJ is his real name]. She [Jessica] is as dumb as she looks.

DJ: How did you find out about Bam and Jessica? Did he tell you?
Jen: Yes. He told me, “You think you’re so f-ing special. I got to f Jessica Simpson this weekend so I could replace you in a minute.”

Hey, if you had the opportunity to have a piece of Simpson ass too, wouldn’t you want it? Go Bam!

Check out the audio from the radio station: Bam Margera and Jessica Simpson sittin' in a tree...