Popwar and Stereo News Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Popwar and Stereo News

Posted on Monday, July 25, 2005 by News

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Words directly from Popwar

Cairo Foster - In SF working on a Slap interview and will be down to Huntington Beach this Wednesday.
Kenny Reed – Is in Russia with Planet Earth crew also working on his part for the I-Path video.
Chad Tim Tim – Is at home in Long Beach working on his Transworld Video part.
Justin Strubing – He has been in Barcelona, Spain but is returning home to SF on 20th. He messed up his toe up while in Barcelona. Let’s wish him a fast recovery.
Dennis Durrant – The Australian connection is on his way to Europe with Circa for the rest of the month but will be back in the US for the month of August.
Aaron Johnson – He is at home in Canada working on the RDS video.
Mike Barker - Just finished working on a 411 part and now on his way to the East Coast with the Es shoe team.
John Newport – He is happily on the way to Russia with the Planet Earth squad.
Random Products
From Stereo
Words directly from Stereo

Clint Peterson will be featured in the next issue of The Skateboard Mag.
New Stereo Pro Danny Renaud is at Woodward for 2 weeks, then he will be coming out to SF and LA at the end of July to skate the west coast.
Stereo is sponsoring the “Becky Bag” art show, featuring Matt Irving, Wes Martin, Clint Peterson and Chris (Dune) Pastras as well as many others. This is a benefit auction for sports participants who are handicapped. The auction is this week, July 14th in NYC.
Check the Stereo web-site for further information.


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