Darrell Stanton Goes to Plan B

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Darrell Stanton Goes to Plan B
Words Directly from Plan B

(Vista, CA) July 15, 2005 --- Plan B Skateboards (planbskateboarding.com / syndromedist.com)

Plan B Skateboards’ elite team of Paul Rodriguez, Danny Way, Colin McKay, Ryan Gallant and P.J. Ladd proudly welcome the addition of Darrell Stanton to the line up.

“Darrell rounds out Plan B perfectly” says Colin McKay. “I feel as though the Plan B pro team is complete with him on board.”

Darrell Stanton is 19 years old and resides in Long Beach, CA. He established himself as one of the best new pro skaters with incredilble photos including his notorious Thrasher cover doing a back noseblunt down San Francisco’s clipper ledge... and ripping parts in videos such as Transworld’s Free Your Mind, Real’s Roll Forever and Volcom’s Chichagof.

“Plan B is lucky to have Darrell on the team. He is a grounded young guy with amazing skills. He has the potential to be a skateboarding legend. We couldn’t be more stoked!” said Danny Way.
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Colin McKay adds “Darrell skates like no one else which is what makes him so unique.”

“Darrell fits perfectly with the already unbelievable talent of the team” said Rob Mertz, Syndrome President.

Darrell joins Plan B just in time for the release of their newest deck line. He will have 2 models available on August 1st. Also, look for Darrell’s first Plan B ad in the October issues of Transworld, Skateboard Mag and Thrasher. In addition to Plan B, Darrell’s sponsors include DC Shoes, Volcom, Diamond, Boost Mobile and Furnace.

When Darrell was asked about his thoughts he kept his comments short and to the point “Plan B...Hell yeeeah, let`s do this.” -- enough said.

Plan B Skateboards took the skateboard world by storm in the early 90’s with the best skaters of the era and it’s amazing video’s and products. In 2005, Plan B, in association with Syndrome Distribution, was relaunched with a new squad of elite skaters, Paul Rodriguez, Danny Way, Colin McKay, Ryan Gallant, PJ Ladd and Darrell Stanton. With the same ideas and attitudes as always, Plan B features top of the line, authentic products and one of the best all around skateboard teams in history.

Sal Barbier - brand manager

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