On The SPoT 2021 Contest Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

On The SPoT 2021 Contest Coverage

Posted on Wednesday, February 3, 2021 by Sam

Wow it feels like an eternity since the last event we hosted. Here are the photos from the contest, thanks everybody for coming out! The next All Ages Contest is the Spring Roll on April 17th, 2021.

Register for the Spring Roll All Ages Contest HERE.

Video: Jason Malley

Photos: Josh Bowser
Just do it.
Good to see Woody manning the Boards for Bros tent again!
Judges Josh Wilson and Marse Farmer.
Shoutout to Ultra Slappy Wax for coming thru once again
Pretty elite lineup here… Jimmy Marcus , Ty Evans & Brian Schaefer
Kids love free wax.
Family Affair
Braydon Santos shows up bright and early for our first contest in what feels like an eternity. Kickflip down the 4 block.
Josh Tancos : Back 50
Gabi Lavallee : Heelflip
Jake Tancos : Feeble
Jake Tancos : Front Board
Hyped to see the Stone Edge crew reppin’ in the stands
Quinn Harbin : Back 50 Across and Down
Dylan LaBrake : Crooked Grind
Gotta stay safe out there
Atom Blanford : Smith Grind
Myles Booker : Kickflip
13-15 Winner Hunter George with a Feeble across and down
Hunter George : Back 50 Across & Down
Cass Hecht : BS 5-0 Transfer
Father / Daughter Doubles…NBD?
Slaughterqueen grinds through the Corner
Bennett Stovern : Front Feeble
Delbie Jager takes home first place and free pair of shoes courtesy of New Balance.
Jacsen Kutik came all the way from Syracuse, NY to skate this contest and it was worth it because he won the 9 - 12 division.
We we're stoked to see all the girls come out and skate. Here's the Girls Division winner, Shiloh.
Everyone has definitely gotten better since the last all ages contest. Hunter showed the judges what he's been working on and took home the win.
3rd Place 16-29 skater Zach Brooks : Post Jam Nap
Ryan Cullen : Casual Crailslide
Fernando Ruiz : Inward Heelflip
Brandon McLaurin came all the way from Charlotte, NC for this contest : BS Nosepick
Jaquan Kalina : Frontside Ollie
Ryan Sullivan : Back Smith
Darrell Gordon : Front Board Shuv
Tim Gasiorski : Bluntslide
Tiago Christian Alves de Oliveira : Flick 50-50 into 2nd in the 30 and Up Division
Zion Effs : Back Smith
Zion Effs : Front Feeble
Westside Skateshop's Yonis Molina & SPoT Team Rider Eric Mckenney masked up.
Noah Nagaro : Back Lip
Austin Mccahan : Hardflip
Jake Malick : Front 5-0
Markus Jalabur : Frontside Flip
Markus : Gap to Front Feeble
Michael Premet : Back Smith
Noah Pollard : Back 180 Nosegrind
Jake Yanko : Ollie to Wallride right into 1st Place Sponsored
Malik Barnett kills it on the board, no doubt. That's probably why he got first place in the 16 - 29 division.
T-Rad was the youngest looking person in the 30 and Up Division AND he got first place... We might need to see some ID to confirm that he's actually 31.
And there he is, in the top spot once again, even after a crazy neck injury last year. We don't have to tell you this but we'll say it anyways: Keep killing it Jake!


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