School's Out Jam 2021 Contest Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam 2021 Contest Coverage

Posted on Monday, June 14, 2021 by Clint

The School's Out Jam went down on June 5th and we had a great mix of skateboarders from all over the United States as well as a few from a handful of countries.

Video: Jason Malley (coming soon)
Photos: Matt Shail
Messiah with the kickflip.
Boards for Bros activated!
Camden with the kickflip.
Dylan back 50-50.
Dylan back feeble.
Gabi front smith.
Josh back feeble.
Myles Tre-flip.
Hunter took the 13-15 age group.
Gabi wins the 9-12 age group.
Shiloh Thornton wins the Girls division.
Thomas front blunt.
Daniel out of Springhill!
Zack graduated a year early and came down to puke during his run and win the 16-29 division all in the same day.
Jack - Legend.
SPoT Team - Chillin'.
Zion back smith.
Brandon placed 1st in the Old Man Bowl Jam the night before.
SPoT Team Rider Wes was in town to tear up the whole course.
Atom back lip.
Jack McKee front feeble.
Zion back 360.
First and second place Sponsored.
Jake Yanko always beast.
Sly finger flippin.
Jorge nollie nosegrind.
Dillon noseblunt.
Kevin Tre-flip.
Austin backside air.
Zion back feeble.
The panda.
SPoT's Retail and Skate Camp managers rip!
Puerto Rico just for showing up!
Eff.TV just for showing up!
Zion and Caden!
Brian with some words about Uncle Sam.
Uncle Sam Bellipanni.
Amanda crowd.
Noah has a Deathwish.
5 years old and coming in hot!
The girls division rules!
Zion took the Sponsored division.
Transformer Rails winner Jackson Sharber.
Jackson Sharber won the 8 and under division.
Shiloh back board.
Shiloh front board.
Big thank you to Ultra Slappy Wax.
Zion Back lip.


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