2021 Harvest Jam All Ages Contest Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2021 Harvest Jam All Ages Contest Coverage

Posted on Friday, September 24, 2021 by Matt

Elite Pros like Jamie Foy, Zion Wright, Tyson Peterson, Jereme Knibbs, Clive Dixon, Pedro Delfino and Fabiana Delfino have all started out skating the All Ages Contests here at SPoT. Harvest Jam '21 brought a lot of new faces, but only one skater took home the first place trophy!

Video: Jason Malley
Photos: Matt Shail
Alec putting together prize packages in the warehouse in preparation for the contest
Jake Tancos was here on Friday preparing himself for Harvest Jam. Here's one of his front feebles on the bump to bar.
Boss man sighting
Myles and the gang warming up with some basketball in the courtyard before skating the pro course.
The new rail was the focus of the contest. Here's Hunter Brooks with a back 5-0 across and down.
Marble Orchard was holding it down in the courtyard
Candid shot of Zion playing basketball
Clint and his new apprentice, Caleb, running registration in the early AM.
Kahuna crew talking about their runs.
Noah in and out with a back smith pop out over the pyramid
Hunter goes the distance with a gap to back feeble
Julian and his family traveled from the west coast and took the contest by surprise. Here's Julian throwing down a first try back smith.
Messiah came through again and got this beautiful kickflip catch
Jason Malley prepping to film a recap video of Harvest Jam
Ian, Yonis, and Cash came through the building to judge this year
Julian keeping it casual with a kickflip front board mid run during the 9-12 division
Boards for Bros Secret Agent Woody was the grill master for the day
Marble Orchard posted up selling some custom wood in the courtyard
Don't forget to drop by the Boards for Bros tent to make a donation!
First try switch flip from one of the contest favorites, Tyson Zane
Camden threw down a bigflip down the 4 block during practice
Myles securing the bag in the 13-15 division with a textbook back 50 across and down the main pyramid rail.
Myles dipping it across the gap for a back lip during his winning run.
Taylor Burnett ollie over the pyramid during the Girls contest
Brian joked that Taylor was related to comedian Sarah Silverman. She isn't, but she is related to winning the Girls division!
Huge turnout in the stands for Harvest Jam this year
Amanda going upside down mid ramp
Everyone wanted a piece of the course in between division runs
You didn't want to fall in front of these guys while skating the pyramid unless you were mentally prepared to have BUSSUP yelled at you.
SPoT team rider Kris with a crook for the bussup gang.
Brian almost stole a child mid contest!
Jackson takes gold in 8 and under division.
Julian won the 9-12 division and made SPoT history by being the first skater to jump into the sponsored division afterwards - where he placed 4th!
Smiles for Myles as he posts up with his homie Dylan after taking a W in 13-15
Big man on campus Santiago came through swinging with a kickflip back lip
Tiago threw down a picture perfect switch back board in his run and secured the gold in the 30 and up division
SPoT team rider Peter with a front blunt to flat. We need a picture of Peter doing a Peter blunt.
Santiago landed this tre flip at least 25 times during the day.
It wouldn't be a contest if Jorge didn't throw down a nosegrind on something
Mikey gap to back lip in shorts
Matt Sav can do 270 lips with his eyes closed. This photo doesn't do the trick justice!
Jordi pops in and out with a nollie crook on the pyramid box
Another beautiful tre flip before Jordi secured first place in the sponsored division.
The heat got to Tyson, but that didn't stop him from throwing down this heater of frontside flip.
Hugs for the homies as Matt advances to the sponsored finals
Longtime SPoT supporter and contest skater Tiago takes 1st in the 30 & up division
Brian and Paul taking iPhone lessons during the closing ceremony
Well deserved "Steeze of the Year" award to Steezylord Santiago
I won an award too. IYKYK
Congrats Jordi!


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