Tampa Am 2021: Madness Concrete Jam - Sota Tomikawa, Keegan Palmer, Nick Papa Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2021: Madness Concrete Jam - Sota Tomikawa, Keegan Palmer, Nick Papa

Posted on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 by Matt Shail

Saturday night was no amateur night. We had pro moves going down at the Madness Concrete Jam!

Photos by Bart Jones & Jon Carter
Nick Papa really took things over the edge
Gavin saying what's up to Frazier and Christian.
Nick going backside over the doorway.
Keegan palms one head high going frontside
Sota Tomikawa was KILLING it. Front blunt over the doorway like nothing
Hampus put the Madness in Madness Concrete Jam
Hampus yanking it back in
Young buck concrete collision
Keegan pulling a noseblunt back in no problem
Jaylen Perry hopped in the mix and got a real photogenic one close to the fence.
Another one from Keegan, nosegrind over the doorway popping back in with ease
Hitting the Madness box was mandatory. Nick had no problem with that!
Gavin skated the concrete all day and had no problem going into the night with it.
Gavin had no problem flipping his board around in the dark!
Name that painting
Can't have a Concrete Jam without a Madonna appearance!
Back disaster in the corner
Hampus and Gavin left with some dough!
Congrats Sota on DESTROYING the Madness Concrete Jam
Sota ate up all the cash with his skills
Whole lot of gang shit with the legends Sam, Kyle, Bill, and Paul
Keegan killed it!
Nick also killed it!
Your top 3: Keegan(2), Nick(3), and Sota(1) posted up with Bill!


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