Video Review: 411 Volume 13 Issue 2 DVD Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Video Review: 411 Volume 13 Issue 2 DVD

Posted on Monday, August 15, 2005 by ATMurrell

Video Review: 411 Volume 13 Issue 2 DVD
Words by Andrew Murrell

First off, this is 411’s second video using the all new format they have. It comes with the DVD, a 32 page zine, a poster, and a music sampler featuring some of the music in the video. It’s a pretty good deal for your money. It starts of with an Opening/Chaos section, featuring guys like Brian Brown, Dallas Rockvam, Greg Lutzka, Kenny Anderson, and Russ Milligan, among others.

Everyone who has footage comes through with some good stuff, though. But Jake Nunn and Danny Fuenzalida’s stuff really stood out, to me. A short ’Commercial Break’ comes next. This is where a DVD remote comes in handy. After that, it’s my favorite section of the vid- "More 'Skate More'", which is basically a big montage of the DVS team, using leftover footage from the new DVS video. Everyone comes through with at least 5 tricks, but Daewon Song, Jeron Wilson, and Jason Dill came through with the best stuff.

Following ‘More Skate More’ is New World Order, with Kurtis Colamonico and Graham Bickerstaff. Kurtis has great style, and LOTS of lines. His last 3 tricks were really cool, too. Graham
Random 411 Stuff
Bickerstaff has nollie hard flips on lock, and takes them down huge double sets. He also does one of the biggest feebles I’ve ever seen. Lots of ATL spots. Next is The Italian Job, a tour of Italy featuring Todd Jordan, Danny Montoya, Joey Pepper, Jake Nunn, and Kenny Anderson. Everyone comes through with a LOT of style. I don’t know why, but this part sort of bores me. I dunno, maybe it’ll grow on me after a little bit. Who knows? After that is another commercial break. Again, this is where a DVD remote comes in handy. There is a promo for a new 411 contest that looks cool, though. Ending things off is ‘Almost Famous’, featuring Chris Haslam and Cooper Wilt. What I learned was this: Chris Haslam is a genius on a skateboard, similar to Pablo Picasso with a paintbrush. Some of his tricks you seriously need to see to believe. Cooper Wilt is long overdue for a pro model. If he doesn’t get one by the end of the year, I vote he goes over to Girl. But, I digress. This part is sick You should seriously check this video out- it’s a really good deal for your money. You usually buy DVDS alone for more than this vid - and it comes with so much extra stuff. Find it just for More Skate More and Almost Famous alone.

Click to buy it online: 411 Volume 13 Issue 2 DVD


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