Boost Mobile Mike Jones Show and Other ASR Lurking

Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 by Rob

Boost Mobile Mike Jones Show + Other ASR Lurking
Photos by Rob Meronek and Chapin Atchison. Captions by Rob Meronek

To get into the eS Party, you had to wear your gold fronts that came with the invitation
The view outside our gangster hotel pad: tha Admiral
Scotty Conley putting some moves on one of the hosts at the Nike daytime golf thing. I think that's her sweater he's sporting
Terry Kennedy spent the whole time on stage during Slim Thug's set
Rene Rene was there with some pink undies and a huge chain, appropriately made of wood grain for the Mike Jones show
I wasn't at the Nike thing that went down Thursday during the day, but chief shoe nerd Chapin Atchison was. I'm sure he was walking around with a shoe boner all day there. This is part of the scene he snapped a photo of
Who is Mike Jones? This is Mike Jones. That was in the top five hip hop shows of all time that I've been to
The hesher with the cast on throwing the devil horns might not know he's at a Mike Jones show
Ghostface Killa from Wu Tang was hanging out at the Mike Jones show. Thanks to Janae at Boost who hooked Chapin and I up with the right wristbands to get to meet him. He kept saying "December One Eight." His new album drops December 18. I had asked him if he was just hanging out or if he was being paid to be at the party. He's like, "Nah, I can do anything I want." I talked to him some more, but I can't even remember any other dumb crap I said. I was trying real hard not to fan out too hard
The crowd at the Nike Party got pretty quiet when the lead singer from Dinosaur Jr. played a few sets
I heard Terry Kennedy got thrown out, but then when Slim Thug performed he was back in and hanging on stage with them during the show. That's Slim Thug behind him
Free beer on the Boost bus on the way to the Mike Jones show served by Boost girls - not bad
We knew there would be a bus ride to the show, but we didn't know they'd be party busses like this. The ride out was pretty mellow since everyone was just starting to down their cans of personality. The ride back was on fire with chicks doing sketchy stuff on those poles you see there
Bryan Herman and Jeff Lenoce in tha Admiral
Good times in tha Admiral not knowing that a full donut shop full of pigs is on their way to bust up our little gathering
During our last minute party at tha Admiral, we had a drunken skateboard industry hate session and product critique about all kinds of stuff. Here, the roundtable is discussing a shoe Braydon is wearing
Yet another trippy party photo from the table in tha Admiral
The cops felt the threat from a few loud conversations was so big that they stormed into the upstairs bathroom where Schaefer was taking a shower. He had to stop, put on a towel, and get out to talk to these powertrippers who were treating us like we just shot someone. My stuff was scattered everywhere - computer, camera crap, clothes. They told me I had 30 seconds to pack it up and leave or I would just have to leave and loose all my stuff. After they realized how stupid they were being, they backed down and let just me and Schaefer stay in the room. I can't hate on cops enough. The bad experiences after bad experiences are just unbelievable
Even while the room was filled with super troopers, Braydon can still throw down a pose for a photo
While we were sitting in the airport waiting to board, we met a swimwear model from Kentucky at the airport. Turns out she’s on our flight. When we all checked what our seats were after she told us hers was 28A, Scotty Conley felt like he just won a scratch off lotto ticket because he had seat 28B. Check this kid’s game out. He fell asleep next to the hottest chick on the plane. That’s putting the capital B in BLOWIN’ IT
During part of our industry hate session, Braydon Szafranski became the new editor of several skate mags. We were flipping through Transworld, Thrasher, and Slap and every page that was suspect or busted, Braydon would just tear out of the mag. The result was a much thinner and cooler mag. All the pages that didn't make it littered the floor of tha Admiral
Braydon Szafranski and friend hanging out in tha Admiral
Braydon shows the guns for the ladies - the male equivalent of an upskirt shot, I guess. This one was taken by Jeff Lenoce's girl, Sondra

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