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Ipath Preview DVD Review

Posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2005 by ATMurrell

Ipath Preview DVD
Words by ATMurrell

First off, this video is free with the new Skateboard Mag. If you don't want to spend $4 (even though it's worth it), you can see if they have it at your local shop. This DVD focuses a lot on style and having fun.

It kicks off with up-and-comer Jack Sabback, who does a lot of bank skating and wheelchair ramp gaps. He's definitely one to watch for.

Random Ipath Stuff
The next section is a New Jersey montage featuring Matt Field, Fred Gall, Tim O'Connor, Quim Cardona, and the always-under-the-radar-guy, Bobby Puleo. Yes, Bobby has some tricks in there, and they're sick.

A 'Dirty South' section comes next, with ATL native John Newport, who comes through with his nollie variations and smooth style. Danny Renaud also has about a minute of footage. Even though he's off Habitat, he still comes through strong. That's possibly my favorite section.

Following that is the 'Loose Lines' section, with a sick run by Nate Jones, lots of layback and wallride variations by Tony Cox, Kenny Reed and his signature loose-and-laid-back style, and raw power and sick ledge skating by Ocean Howell.

The next section is really original, in my opinion. It's entitled, 'Staff Style,' and features Ipath marketing guy Barker Barrett, and some more of the Ipath staff. Nothing too special here, skating wise, though.

The next section, 'Soldier Style,' features the best skating from the most stylish members of the team - Nilton Neves, Adelmo Jr., Karl Watson, Jake Rupp, and Matt Pailes. It's pretty good, with just a little bit too much rasta going on for my taste though. It all ends with a sick Matt Rodriguez part, skating to his own personal beat, literally. It's sick - Matt might be THE most underrated person to ever step on a board. It's a perfect pick for the ender, because he basically sums up everything that Ipath stands for in his part.

All in all, the Ipath Preview is an excellent bargain for your money. I mean, it's free. Even if it's horrible (it's not, by the way), you should get it because it's free. It's about 20 minutes running time, so it's perfect to watch before skating. And the soundtrack is pretty good, too. Just go get it.



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