DVS Skate More Video Review

Posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2005 by ATMurrell

DVS Skate More Video Review
Words by ATMurell

If you asked me a year ago, I wouldn't have cared about this video at all. But since they just got Busenitz and Zered, I got pretty psyched to see those two, along with Daewon, Huf, and Dill.

Skate More is a pretty good video. I like the way they take the stereotypes and seriousness of skating today and just completely go in the opposite direction. The Monty Python intros are funny, too. However, the soundtrack is lacking in some places. Oh, well...on to the review.

Random DVS Stuff
The video starts off with Mikey Taylor. It's pretty good, a perfect blend of hammers and lines. The switch bs noseblunt was cool and I liked the fs shove fs crooks. He skates to a good song, too.

Kerry Getz comes next, and skates to one of the fruitiest songs ever. He's got some nice skating in there (lots of heelflip variations), but seeing all of his temper tantrums before his part does NOT get me very psyched to go skate. Sorry.

Keith Hufnagel follows Kerry with the best footage of his career. The whole part is just him skating a million miles an hour through the streets, looking sick on his board. And he also has a lot of SF footage in his part, which is cool, because it's mainly an LA based video. He's the major highlight of the flick.

Jeron Wilson's part follows Huf's, and it's reeeeal sick. You know the disco song from the shampoo commercials? Well, he skates to that. He's got 360 shoves on lock and he has really stylish heelflips. I liked the opening line - crooks 360 shove out to fs smith a little rail. His ender manual was cool, too.

Jason Dill came after Jeron with some good footage. It gave me memories of his Photosynthesis part, except for the fact that this part is even trippier and a little shorter. He has a lot of manuals and not just your typical flip in, flip out stuff. The fs 180 over the white wall was sick, and his ender on the LA High banks was insane.

Chico Brenes' part was next and it's a great part to watch before you skate...not too long, but has good skating in it. He's got great style, as well. I liked the nollie heel fs tail on the SF Banks. He also has one of the greatest ledge lines ever caught on film.

Daniel Castillo and Torey Pudwill share a part, and it's fun to watch. It looks like Castillo has stopped caring about going pro and is just having fun now. Pudwill's pretty good, too; the switch fs flip down the MACBA was smooth and for a 14-year-old his style is pretty good (for a 14-year-old).

Dennis Busenitz shares a part with the 'special secret rider.' Surprise, surprise! It's Zered Bassett. Their part is arguably the best part of the video. Most of Dr. Z's footage was from his Skateboarder interview, and Dennis Busentiz's IS NOT LEFTOVER FOOTAGE FROM ROLL FOREVER! That means he filmed it in a little more than a month. Not very hard if you have as much fun riding your skateboard as Booze n' Tits does. He also has one of the best songs in the video - The Wizard by Black Sabbath.

Jereme Rogers comes next, skating to a Jamiroquai track. He takes all of his switch and nollie tricks down man-sized stair sets and ends his lines with dork tech tricks like nollie bigspins to boardslides. He switch bs smiths his 'Phelpers Delight' rail and also switch fs 360's and switch 360 flips the Sylmar 12.

Steve Berra just came off of surgery, but he still came through with a full part. He mostly skates the same spots through his part. There's some good stuff, like the kf front board on the bump-to-rail and the bs smith - bs flip line on the loading dock. However, most of his spots are made up (by him), and it's annoying when he tries to disguise them to look real.

Daewon Song ends the video, and it's much more creative than his Round 3 part. It's basically 99% picnic table/bench free; instead, he skates spots that most people wouldn't even think of skating. The pole jam rock fakie was sick, and the two tricks on the pagoda roof were amazing. The 'wet' bank tailslide was pretty cool, too. Also, he had a song used by the band Bloc Party other than 'Banquet' (Corey Sheppard - What If?) in there! Much more fun to watch than Round 3.

Overall, Skate More is a pretty sick video. I wasn't feeling the lack of bonus features, but the skating is sick - it's not just another handrail chomper video. I'd check it out just for the footage from Daewon, Busenitz, Zered, Huf, Chico, and Dill, alone.


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