West 49 Canadian Open 2005 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

West 49 Canadian Open 2005

Posted on Tuesday, October 4, 2005 by Rob

West 49 Canadian Open 2005
Check out a few photos from this contest that just went down in Toronto last weekend. Results are right here.

Ryan Sheckler - kickflip up the giant tranny step-up
Not a pretty sight from the Girls' Contest - sweaty granny briefs riding up on every ollie
A kickflip indy is not that easy on the eyes as far as good looking skateboard tricks go, but Ryan Sheckler got some of the biggest crowd applause from it
Greg Lutzka only needed two tries to make this back lip down the big rail
Lauren Perkins is one of my favorite girl skaters. She's got style and also doesn't dress like a boy skater that dresses like a girl. Plus, you never see sweaty granny undies creeping out the back when she's skating. This is a kickflip up the step-up
I don't know who this is or what trick it is, but isn't that what happens to your pants if you don't separate whites and colors?
Eric Koston never made this 360 flip noseblunt slide - take a poop
Eric Koston is kickflipping up the step-up, but all you eleventeen-year-olds are just focused on Ryan Sheckler's BGP's
This step-up was huge. If you're of average skateboard ability, you're thinking of how many tries it might take you to kickflip up it or something. Ronnie Creager switch 360 flipped it - whoa
Elizabeth Nito snapped her wrist on a heelflip backside 50-50. I saw it happen from clear across the stadium. She was in so much pain it sounded like the screams were coming from right next to me. I hope she's all right
Jereme Rogers is one hard working pro skateboarder. He's at every contest, makes sure to rep all his sponsors, and signs autographs in the middle of a session
Jordan Hoffart was killing it. He just about rode away from this kickflip over the rail but slid out. That was huge
Jereme Rogers did a switch backside 50-50 on the rail to the right before this switch crook on the rail on the left
Chris Haslam looks a little awkward on this kickflip catch because he's about to do a late body varial out of it. Captain Creative always does some unique tricks every time you see him
Danny Fuenzalida was there. This is a switch 360 flip over the bump to fence thing. That one looked like a basic, but fun, obstacle
Not sure which girl this is, but she could frontside 50-50 the big hubba
The cannonball launcher was a huge step-up with a tranny launch. That's Mike Peterson doing a one foot manual across the thing. Later in the day, they added that extra long part so people could mini-mega ramp it over the whole thing and down the bank on the other side
Some friends of ours that we met at the Damn Am in Minneapolis have a shop called Black Squirrels up there. I thought it was just a joke and/or weird name until I got to Canada and there were black squirrels everywhere
Kyle Berard was one of the fastest skaters on the course. This is a back lip on the small rail
Ben Gore has been in Canada for the last two weeks on a Billabong trip with Kyle Berard and Mike Peterson. Here, he's frontside flipping the hip
It was nice seeing Brian Anderson skate in person, except I was in the clouds watching from a mile away
Antoine Asselin is doing a frontside noseblunt slide here. He gets the best hair of the weekend award, chick division included.
Amy Caron is on Enjoi now. She ended up winning the Girls' Street Event. Was it a pro contest or am contest or both? I think it might be both which is why they called this contest "Open"


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