411 Volume 13 Issue 4

Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2005 by ATMurrell

411 Volume 13 Issue 4
Words by ATMurrell

The guys over at 411 must have had a hard time following an issue like the last one. And in my opinion, Issue 3 was much better than Issue 4 anyway. But Issue 4 is still a good video, and I really enjoyed the artistic direction they took with this issue, too.

It starts out with the traditional Openers section. The best skating was from Patrick Melcher, Pete Eldridge, Mike Maldonado, Danny Fuenzalida, Stacy Lowery, and Clint Peterson - the rest just blurred together.

Directly following that was the Chaos section. In a nutshell, Paul Shier's stuff was great, Ronald Whaley and Jason Adams are really original, Steffan Attardo's and Tony Silva's stuff was stylish, and Adam Alfaro did a trick that you HAVE to see.

A short commercial break is next, and the Plan B commercial is full of tricks that would be other people's enders! Other than that, it's fast forward time.

After that is "American Hooligan," which is Patrick Melcher's part. It has a lot of weird/awesome stuff in it. It's comprised mostly of bank and transition skating, but with a decent amount of stairs, rails, and gaps thrown in there, too. Standout tricks include gap to smith on a double-set rail going super-fast, pole jam to tail tap on a barrier, and an ollie over a rail to bs lip on a ledge (I guess you have to see that one). His part is definitely worth watching, even if you're not a fan of the guy.

Next up is "Satori in Movement," a Satori montage. It's got a bunch of heavy hitters including Danny Fuenzalida, Aaron Suski, Matt Pailes, Aaron Artis, Wesley Lott, Josh Falk, Lucian Moon, Guru Khalsa, Brian Delatorre, Brian Downey, Neen Williams, Jeremiah Babb, JR Dias, Robert Jovian Lopez-Mont, and Devon Connell. It's reeeeal sick; the only downside is with a line-up that big that there's not gonna' be much footage from everyone.

After that is "Half Baker," Robin Baker's debut part. He's one to watch out for, without a doubt. Lots
Random 411 Stuff
of lines and insane manuals - he's a sick ledge technician. Watch for the switch nose manual off three drops-offs to fakie flip out. My only complaint was that he needs to work on his style a little bit.

Following Robin is "City Slickers," with Mike Maldonado and Pete Eldridge. That intro really shows you how tweaked-out upper east coast skating really is. Anyways, this is the best section WITHOUT A DOUBT. Mike's got the super-snaps and Pete's got the switch skills...and they both have amazing styles. Check Pete's switch back 180 over the pole and Mike's kickflip manual to stair ollie.

"We Love Road Trips" comes next, documenting WE Clothing's world travels. It features Benny Fairfax, Austin Stephens, DJ Chavez, Olly Todd, Daniel Shimizu, Clint Peterson, and Chris (Dune) Pastras. Although there's a definite emphasis on the style, this section just plain bores me.

Another commercial break follows, and you know what to do now! Ending it off is "Double Trouble," featuring Foundation riders Leo Romero and Tommy Gurrola. Basically, Leo is still trying to work on his style and stop being classified as a 'rail' skater, and Tommy is a really average am. It's a decent part, but not ender status, mainly because nothing really stood out.

Some bonus features include a Skate Plaza section and the new round of Versus. Overall, the new 411 is worth your money, but only if you've already bought Issue 3. All right, I'm out.


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