Derewenko's Red Bull Trip 2005 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Derewenko's Red Bull Trip 2005

Posted on Friday, November 25, 2005 by MikeD

Derewenko's Red Bull Trip 2005
Words and Photos by Mike Derewenko

This year, for my annual Red Bull trip, I flew the guys out to Denver, Colorado, where we hit some of the best concrete parks ever. We drove back in two separate cars and hit a lot of stuff along the way. From street to parks, with some weird costume parties in between, there were plenty of interesting times. I think the captions pretty much explain every story and over the course of eight days you can see that we covered a lot of ground. 2400 miles actually, along with 12 cases of Red Bull. Thanks Red Bull for helping me out, and I hope that we can continue doing this every year.

Michael Derewenko

Josh Maready: Josh checks one off, lipslide
Josh Maready: A front feeble in this taco, no comment
Ian Gow: Ian tweeks a little grab over a fun hip in Tennessee
Ian did this frontside hurricane in J-Ville and then another one backside in St. Louis.
Lehman ollied into this bank after a couple of close calls.
Chris mastered ollies into banks - this one was in J-Ville.
Ian fell into this freezing cold water trying to save Abdias' board.
Super back heel.
This rail is somewhere off the interstate in south Indiana.
Maready gets his MySpace camera ready.
How can a shop sell stuff like this for so cheap?
More toys for less than a twenty.
Girls of the Halloween party. Save it - they were nice.
Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Grateful Dead, among others, have played here.
The valleys of the Rocky Mountains.
Fun times at the Ashville park.
This is the soccer course at the Holidome.
180 to switch smith in St.Louis.
The famous St.Louis arch.
Overcast airs.
Beau and Chris at Red Rocks in Denver.
Oh God, we got in trouble for this drop-in attempt in Rome, Georgia!
The infamous drop-in attempt.
What would a trip be without Cracker Barrel?
Lehman tries his skills.
Weapons of destruction.
Beau and crew getting down.
"Looks like Mars."
I don't think I would swim in this pool, much less skate it.
Not the healthiest, but I'm sure Red Bull and PBR are proud.
Big four, little four?
Sum1 has some graffiti skills, and it ain't Sum1.
2/3 isn't bad.
Grant has these kickflips dialed.
The guys weren't too impressed with their contest skills the day after pot was legalized in Denver.
It's cold in Colorado. Weird.
Maybe Ian's expression will tell you something about this rail.
Ian - frontside wallride back into the bank.
SuperMormon! Sorry Josh, but you knew it was coming.
Ian crashed after a Dane Cook marathon.
Maready, smith, lip, 5-0, fun with steep rails.
It looked like fun, but it was rough and long. Not to mention cold, and just bad all around.
One of the two ships.
The night after the Halloween party, Devo made another appearance.
"I guess you boys don't care about the $1000 fine for climbing on the rocks?"
Perfect 10 at the Holidome!
The Schaefer of this contest had the look down to the ‘t.’
This was good for a laugh - Maready and sidekick.
Rumor has it that Paul Zitzer kickflipped it. Lehman cleared it.


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