Westside Skateshop Video Premiere and Other Random Tampa Nightlife Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Westside Skateshop Video Premiere and Other Random Tampa Nightlife

Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2005 by Rob

Westside Skateshop Video Premiere and Other Random Tampa Nightlife
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

Once again, I creep up in every photo. Sorry about that. Thanks to everyone who came to the premiere and the art show in Transitions. Thanks to Danny Renaud who yelled out "He's a virgin!" every time someone's part during the Westside video came up that was a virgin. I won't name any names, but that was funny as hell.

Lucky for you, the logo is covering up The Senator's nuts that are creeping out of each side of that bannana hammock. The Senator has been hodling it down with Ybor City nightlife for at least 10 years and he rocks that outfit every single time. That's Allen Russell - he's been holding it down with Ybor City nightlife even longer than The Senator
Ran into more old friends at the New World. Maylynn (not sure if I spelled that right) is one of the most attractive girls I know. She was there watching her boyfriend who's a bass player in the band
Brian Schaefer and Knuckles
All the heads at the Westside premiere...
Slightly gay hand grazing. They both have The Senator outfit on underneath those boxes
Anthony Furlong and Sean Albright won $100 at the Czar Bar Vegas Costume Party for their get-up. The fat lady performer was stoked
One of the fat lady performer's thigh's weighs more than me
That's Elizabeth, a cute artsy type chick. She's a teacher and has some pretty good looking work as you can see. That's Matt Welch not acting straight edge with Elizabeth's work. Actually every way Matt acts is pretty far from straight if you know him personally
You can always find old friends at the New World in Ybor City - I like this Donna and Heather sandwich
I don't know this girl, but she was queen of the punk rock dance floor at New World in Ybor City. Buy her a beer next time you're there
Sean Albright and Anthony Furlong love the Czar Bar. Next time they should both dress up as The Senator
If you see this bum in Ybor, high five him and give him a dollar. He used to be in the military stationed at Manila and Subic Bay in the Phillipines where I'm from, but I guess his life fell apart after that. He correctly called out my nationality, except for the half Polish part
Inside the Czar Bar - there's The Senator ready to graze you with his package
A bit of a dance party started up in the art gallery. Where else can you look at art, put your dancing shoes on, ride your skateboard, have a drink, and meet cute artsy chicks? It sure was a fun night here. Thanks for stopping by if you were here
Alina's claiming that the profile shot like this looks best. I'm claiming that you can tar and feather this chick and she'd still be looking pretty damn good


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