Inside Schaefer's Loop: The Return of the “SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party”

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2005 by BrianS

Inside Schaefer's Loop: The Return of the “SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party”
Words and Photos by Brian Schaefer

The Ghetto Christmas from the Skatepark of Tampa has been reborn. We have had three of these gigs so far and they all seem to have turned out really fun. Not so sure why we seem to do it every other year, but this will be a definite for the end of every year now. Many festive costumes, great bands, good smiles, and a super cool vibe always make for a good time. Can’t believe the club ran out of beer, but oh well, it was the last night Slim Pickens will be in business. R.I.P. Slim Pickens, but thank for the hospitality Todd and Rick. So here are a few pics from my lens, and yes, I just happen to be in every one. I just wanted to share these with you as they always seem to just take up space on my computer. See you at the next year’s “2006 SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party” and be sure to bring your costume and some “Ghetto” ass presents…

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