The Orlando Fountain Article at Skatepark of Tampa

The Orlando Fountain

Posted on Wednesday, January 4, 2006 by MikeD

The Orlando Fountain
Words and Photos by Mike Derewenko

Traffic bearing double-set.
Ryan Nix jersey-ed up for the double-set kickflip into rush hour traffic.
Brick quarters. “You know the deal,” says the cop.
Now to turn the water off we have to do what?
Wet and very cold - Will doesn’t hesitate to provide his services.
All bastards better at least ollie it after all that work.
Jeff wasn’t too psyched on the darkness factor, but still blasted an ollie over it since it might be the only opportunity he ever has to skate it.
Warm-up kickflip.
Warm-up ollie.
Will Durham gets the sleeper MVP for coming out of nowhere with this backside heelflip. Yes, he did it, and then he was putting down switch flips…what?!

After sitting in traffic for two hours, I think it was safe to say that I was pretty stressed on the potential of this trip. Upon arriving in Orlando and meeting up with Ryan Nix and Will Durham, Lenoce and I decided to have a go at the Orlando Park. Down the street from Covert Skateshop the cement park is a fun time and good place to warm up. After the warm up we ventured on to a double-set that Nix had no trouble kickflipping, into traffic no less. Then it was on to the brick quarter pipes and over to Mesh Skatepark to wait until the time was right to take on our greatest feat of the day.

They said there was fountain gap, but there were also some problems attached. It was nothing that couldn’t be taken care of with a well-thought-out strategy and the right tools though. The mission was a success and only two boards went in the water. Looking back on the day, my stress was alleviated thinking that we had skated two parks and three street spots, shot multiple photos, and got to hang out with some cool people. Thanks to Will for getting wet for the cause, homey at the Orlando Park, Simon at Mesh, and of course Pike’ Nix for the fun times.



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