Birdhouse Press Release Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Birdhouse Press Release

Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 by News


January 17th, 2006

The Birdhouse team is currently hard at work on the upcoming “The Birdhouse Video”; while no release date has been set, all signs are pointing to a premiere in late ’06.

Firstly we would like to give best wishes and congrat’s to Tony Hawk on his recent wedding. Tony is also hard at work filming for his part.

Random Birdhouse Stuff
Steve Nesser has been traveling the globe nonstop over the past couple years, with this past year being the craziest with travels to Spain, France, England, New Zealand, Mexico, Russia and Lebanon to name a few. Yes I said Lebanon! Nesser finally got a chance to view his heritage and see what it had to offer, disregarding all travel warnings.

Brian Sumner has been filming a bunch in Las Vegas and Arizona, where he can worry less about probation violations and get to work. He is about to release his signature jean through Analog, and has been spending a bunch of time learning to surf at home in California while resting up for the next mission.

Aaron Suski the nomad finally found a home. Suski is once again residing in Tucson, AZ after 3 years of non stop travel, floors and couches. This hasn’t slowed him down any and is getting ready for a even bigger year than last. He is about to come out with a Slap Magazine interview, and has logged hours of footage for his video part. He is also working on a part for the upcoming Emerica video.

Willy Santos is currently on his annual trip to the Phillipines, where he will be filming for his part, and participating in various skateboard events.

Jeremy Klein just came back from a filming trip to Tokyo, Japan. When not filming for the video Jeremy has been hard at work creating our ad campaigns and new board graphics.

As far as amateurs go at the beginning of this year we have let Matt Ball go, and wish him the best of luck with his future exploits on and off the board.

Jon Goemann is getting ready to skate the Tampa Am contest in late January. He just participated in the Volcom Mini Ramp Jam at the Surf Expo trade show in Orlando, Florida. Jon is working on two video projects currently “The Birdhouse Video” and the upcoming Vans video. When not skating, Jon can be found at his local San Diego area casinos at the poker tables.

Our wishes for a speedy recovery are with Sean Eaton as he recuperates from surgery on his knee. Earlier this fall he slammed warming up on a San Diego double set, jamming his not warmed up knee. He is staying at his parents in Las Vegas while he is doing tons of physical therapy. He should be back on his board by late winter or early spring.

Anthony Shetler has been racking up the footage recently, and working on a couple photo projects. He also just designed a signature hat with Split. He has a couple trips coming up over the next few months. In addition to the traveling and filming, he is raising a healthy bunch of snakes, and a bearded dragon. His room can easily be confused for a reptile farm at times.

In our Flow team world we will be bringing riders Derek Burdette, Anthony Schultz and David Loy to this years Tampa am, to skate alongside Brandon and Jon. These dudes have been ripping and you should be seeing coverage of them soon.

Our newest am Brandon Westgate is learning the values of frequent flier miles. Before last year ended he had been to Turkey, Italy and Japan for filming purposes. He is working on two video projects with travel for both the Emerica video and The Birdhouse Video; deadlines in the distance. He just had a “who’s hot” in Skateboarder, has a “New Jack” in The Skateboard Mag and an am interview for Slap all coming out shortly. He will also be skating in Tampa Am. Currently he is spending the winter months residing in the corner of my living room when not on the road.


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