Tampa Am 2006 Chill Time and Night Life

Posted on Monday, January 30, 2006 by Rob

Tampa Am 2006 Chill Time and Night Life
If you're into the Jackass thing, there's going to be a Jackass 2 movie being made. Tito from Team Pain here is helping them build some stuff in Orlando for the film
Brian Schaefer and Chris Pastras at the Anniversary Party. I barely saw Brian all weekend. That's how it goes when we're both that busy
I'm one of those wierd picky eaters like if tomatoes touch my food I won't eat it. Therefore, I've never tried sushi and never will. Scotty Conley and Sadam are totally down for that wacky stuff - baby octopus, quail eggs, spicy green crap, raw fish, etc. I don't even like watching people eat that stuff. This is at Samurai Blue in Ybor City, which seems to be one of the most popular restaurants in the skateboard business. Every time I'm out of town people are saying they want to come back to Tampa and eat here. You should check out Samurai Blue - apparently it's pretty good
Braydon Szafranski and Salman Agah just happened to throw out the same face for this photo
Ryan Clements with a mohawk comb-over and Tony from Matix
Ricky Martin, Sarah Shaffer, and Nick Matlin - you can find all of us in the smoker's section. See that cute blond chick below? That's Dayna and she's got more brains than you and me
Thanks for the suit, grandpa. That's my bar friend Michelle at the Anniversary Party
That's Mike Burnett on the right. He takes lots of skateboard photos
What country is it where they call cigarettes "fags"? I don't know, but the way SPoT employee Matt Welch is holding this cigarette is just about the gayest way possible
Matt Solomon on the left is the producer or something like that of the Captain and Casey show. He and his crew were filming all weekend for another Fuel TV thing. I wonder what he did to make this meathead bouncer flex on him like this
Ryan Clements and the King of Lizards
That's Leo Romero - he held it down in the bars the whole weekend. On the right is Mandy (or was it Amanda? Crap, can't remember). I didn't realize I took this photo of her last year
During the Semi-Finals I walked into my office to enter scores and found the producer of the Tampa Am 2006 video passed out and still drunk from the night before on my couch. That's Rob Hoovis. Watch for the Tampa Am video in a month if Rob can stay off the sauce. Rob has that problem of injuring himself when he's partying like I do. Not sure what happened to give him that ankle wound, but it was definitely not from skateboarding
Here's two reasons to go to the Hawk tent to get free stuff. Oh and you can get wristbands, too
I think Sean Albright's leprechaun outfit should be next week's Kit of the Week. I can't really talk because I was wearing red pants. Yeah, red pants - in public. We've made it a tradition to dress up every year for the Anniversary Party
Matt Giles has the eye of the tiger. Well actually, he just got a board to the head
Gabe Clement is not looking very heterosexual in this photo, huh? Well at least he's got clothes on
DVS Gabe and Nike Nick should have a boxing match at the next contest. Winner gets a limited edition shoe in their name from the other guy's company. That's Todd Huber on the right from Skate Lab
Active Erica and I drew X's on our hands to feel 18 again at the bar. I modified mine into a pretty offensive symbol which reflects how the bouncers were acting at the Anniversary Party
Part of the SPoT staff that makes this crazy event happen - Ryan Dodge, Sean Albright, and Frosty
When I rolled up, it was one dollar games. I threw a twenty in there and like seven people stepped up with a Jackson of their own. I lost my twenty. Shoulda got a lap dance or something instead
I've heard a few different Danny Renaud pissing in public stories. This time, I heard he pissed all around the bar or something like that then of course got the boot from the meathead bouncers. High five on pissing all over Masquerade, Danny. Oh and that's Nice Nef. He just uses the regular toilet like the rest of us
Ryan Clements I think is on his fourth year repping the mohawk at Tampa Am. That's Braydon Szafranski with him
Getting loose at the After-Party. The boob grab is always an entertaining photo
That's DJ Adam Burgess, Chris Casey from the Captain and Casey show on Fuel TV, Salman Agah, and Filmer Sara. Now that I have Fuel TV, I see a lot of Schaefer and Clements on the boob tube and occasionally even myself with BGP's. There's a lot of skateboard stuff on the Fuel channel. You should check it out
That's Rodent. He takes lots of skateboard photos. That offensive symbol I drew on my hand to represent the Masquerade bouncers makes me look like an asshole so I had to logo it out like it was an upskirt photo or something

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