Burg Bowl Jam

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2006 by Ryan

Burg Bowl Jam
Words by Ryan Clements

Justin Mastry told me that he was having a Nontest in his backyard bowl, otherwise known as the Burg Bowl. He said it’s like a contest, but there are no real rules. I liked his idea, so Skatepark agreed to throw some prizes together and Justin acquired the mandatory PBR sponsorship. He invited about 30 of his closest friends, with nearly everyone being well into their 30’s (except Randy Browne). It was a damn good excuse for some old guys to get together for some ripping.

When I rolled up at about 2pm, it was already heated. Just as I was getting warm (literally) the rain interrupted the session, but the ramp got dried up about an hour later and the session resumed. I came back and skated for about another 20 minutes when the rain returned…this time for good. That was fine though, because there were still plenty of beers to be had.

I personally think Jimmy Marcus “won” the session, but the gnarliest trick went to Ben Andrews for his iceplant off the tree. His backside boneless off the extension could have taken the cake, too (you had to see it). The longest grind went to Kevin Coss with a fs 50/50 farther than anyone.

Sorry for the lack of photos, but my little Asian friend was in Portland. Of course I brought the camera, but didn’t take a single damn shot. The two photos are courtesy of Tim Hubbard…you can check out his stuff at www.artgonebad.com. Thanks to Tim and to Justin for making the Nontest happen. We should do it again sometime soon…


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