Inside Schaefer's Loop - Tampa Am 2006

Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2006 by Brian

Inside Schaefer's Loop - Tampa Am 2006
Photos by Brian Schaefer

Toys That Kill

Brian Schaefer, Thomas Taylor, Tony Hitz from Habitat, Allen Russell, and Clarence the Instigator

Brian Schaefer and former pro skater Todd Congelliere from Toys that Kill

The Stereo and NHS crew at Samurai Blue

The Draft at Masquerade

DJ Speed from Ezekiel and Justin Williams from Force Trucks

Keith Wilson from NHS and Ryan Clements

Allen Russell and Rob Hoovis

Ryan Clements and Gabe Clement from DVS

Jamie Stone from Transworld

Josh Beagle, Steve Stratton, and Corey Duffel

Rob Hoovis hard at work

The pit in the Infinity Room at Masquerade

Brian Schaefer and Ryan Clements with Mike Daher's mom and dad

Brian Schaefer and Dave Malinsky, Florida local

Hard times

Todd Congelliere and Tony from No Idea

Brian Schaefer and SPoT employee Sean Albright

Brian Schaefer and Chris Wallard from The Draft

Bar thugs

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