SPoT Lurker Interviews at Tampa Pro 2006 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Lurker Interviews at Tampa Pro 2006

Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2006 by Chad

SPoT Lurker Interviews at Tampa Pro 2006
Interview and Questions by Chad Cardoza

Question Trixie Jenna Lauren Amanda and Ashley
One word that describes how you skate? - - - -
Favorite non-skate mag? How dare you WV Transworld Surfing Am - only skate
Ash - playboy
Who is skateboarding's biggest badass? Hewitt - Corey Duffel Corey Duffel
Best thing about Tampa Pro? - - Big variety of people skating Am - partying
Ash - hot guys
Worst thing about Tampa Pro? - - 100 bazillion degrees The grouchy people have to work all day
Have a song in your head right now? Funky Bitch Money Over Bitches - -
Catholic schools girls are... Tight Sluts Slutty McSluts Am - I am a school girl
Ash - gay
What made you come to Tampa Pro? Born here To see Austen We are lurkers
Are you coffee and donuts or McDonalds and Mt. Dew? Coffee and donuts Coffee and donuts - -
Florida Law says you an be arrested for having sex with this animal. Guess the animal. (Porcupine) Donkey Raccoon Beaver Dog


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