School's Out Jam 2006 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam 2006

Posted on Monday, May 29, 2006 by Rob

School's Out Jam 2006
Words and photos by Rob Meronek

If you were at the Contest, thanks for stopping by. Next time you see me with a hot dog, please slap it out of my hand. I ate way too many on this long day.


13 to 15 Division winners Eric Smith, Josiah Portillo, and Justin Pelland

In between heats, Adam Burgess produced some great artwork on the back of his judging worksheet

Alejandro Burnell is only 7 and doesn't have much pop yet. That's not stopping him from frontside grabbing off the box during his run

The new Curtis Valentine? Andre McKenzie is getting good. This is a back lip

You didn't know Andy MacDonald pushes mongo?

If you don't want anyone to see your ghetto gown, make sure it's camo

Clint Bestwick is 8. This is an ollie down the double set

This is Colin Young, 7, hurling himself into the step up. He won the 8 and Under Divsion

That's Devon Lynch melon grabbing the pyramid with Yonnie Cruz looking like a mongo pushing zombie

Eric Smith won the 13 to 15 Division with a perfect first run that included this frontside lipslide

Matt Giles gaps to frontside nosegrind in his wetsuit

The girls going for it in the product toss. Check the dirty Florida trailer park feet on the left

Kanaan Dern is boardsliding his way to 7th in the 9 to 12 Division

"Remember, it’s all about fun. I don’t wanna hear no bitchin’ and whinin’ if you fall down." This kid’s mom laid down those words of advice right before his run. She then requested Korn and Godsmack for music. We wanted to help her out, but since none of us have sketchy music taste, she had to run to her car and get her CD

Robbie Kirkland's got some extra elevated snaps on this kickflip up the step up

Sean Jeffrys - frontside nosegrind

Sponsored Division winners Jimmy Masterocolo, Timmy Knuth, Brad Burgess, and Dylan Perry

Who dat? 12 foot floater

Who dat? Back lip

8 and Under winners Alejandro Burnell and Colin Young with Brian Schaefer

Tyler Walters got 3rd in the 8 and Under

That dude in the back was so prepared for the BGP's. This is Brian Schaefer with the 9 to 12 Division winners - Jordan Price, Chris Coffman, and Clint Bestwick

Way back before we even had a website, I won a 16 and Up division here at the Park. Matt Zetts and Charlie Nicol were probably in their terrible two's at that time and now they're the new winners of the 16 and Up

I think the dude who is jumping higher than anyone here ended up with the board. Wait, isn't that the little kid section?

We saw an am shuffle and a bennihanna this weekend. This am shuffle is Timmy Knuth

Nate Humphrey - backside flip


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