Chris Haslam Interview Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chris Haslam Interview

Posted on Tuesday, June 6, 2006 by Ryan

Chris Haslam Interview
Interview by Chad Cordoza

1) I have a few questions for you about boards:
a) How many boards do you get a month?

About 10 - depends if my fat ass breaks more then that, but usual is 10.

b) How many boards do you use a month?

Depends if its Video Part time - then I will use 10. If not, maybe five or six.

c) Do you keep unused boards to show your grandkids one day?

No, I don’t have enough room in my house for them all if I did.

d) Have you ever been to boarding school?


e) Do you skate boards with your own graphics?

Sometimes, but I like team logo boards more.

f) Are you bored with these questions?

Whatever. It’s better than “how high can I ollie” and all that.

g) What do you do with all your used boards?

Most of the time I give them away to whomever is around when I am changing it.

2) One night I was out to dinner with a group of people and a Catholic priest. Anyway, conversation led the priest to sing the song "Stripped" by Depeche Mode. If you are familiar with the song then you can understand how awkward that was. Have you ever been around or witness to something more awkward than that?
A long time ago, I was at my friend’s place when he had to explain to his mom why their house cleaner quit after walking in on him destroying himself to the TV.

3) Are you an early to bed, early to rise kinda’ guy or an up all night, sleep all day party-like-a-rock-star guy?
Ha depends. I do like waking up early, but I also like staying up late. It all depends if there’s something to do the next morning or not.

4) When you leave for a skate tour, demo, contest or whatever, what are some of the must-haves you put in your bag and/or bring on tour with you?
Leaving out all the gay $h!t everyone says like iPod’s and toothbrush and all that stuff, I try and bring as many shoes to skate in as I can. The less clothes I put in, the more product I can fit, so I like bring back-up. Computer, too, even though I usually end up not using the damn thing.

5) On the VH1 TV show "100 Hottest Hotties" they said that hottie #33, Gwen Stefani, is "every skate rat’s dream girl" and that "she is what they think about in between kickturns on a halfpipe." So is this true? Do you dream of Gwen Stefani in between kickturns on a halfpipe? Do you consider your self a skate rat? Who is your celebrity dream girl?
When I think of skate rats I think of little skater kids. Wouldn’t say I am a little skater kid, but I was a skate rat for sure. Celebrity dream girls change all the time, but at the moment it’s a Keira Knightley, Kate Beckingsale, or Alyssa Milano phase…either one will do.

6) I skate as a hobby. Skateboarding is my life, but I am a working stiff. You're a professional skateboarder. Your job is to skate. What is your hobby?
I don’t have many hobbies, but sometimes I go golfing. I like watching movies as well...never really thought of that as a hobby though.

7) A Chris Haslam PEZ would be cool. Your shaggy head on the top of a PEZ would be funny. If you could have your own Chris Haslam toy what would it be?
I always thought sling shots where sweet.

8) Dog, cat, or exotic pet? American car, foreign car, or exotic car? Ginger, Mary Ann, or exotic dancer?
Dog for sure. Probably an American car or truck and not a Ginger. The others are fine. Actually, an exotic dancer might be to craze for me - have yet to venture down that road.

9) Who are the top five buttery-smooth skaters in the industry right now?
In no particular order: Marc Johnson, Kenny Anderson, Mike Carroll, Guy Mariano, Danny Garcia

10) "I'm a person just like you/but I've got better things to do/than sit around and f&c$ my head/hang out with the living dead...I've got the straight edge." Is that you? Is it hard to not drink and get crazy when that's what everyone else is doing all night, every night?
I just like hanging out, being around people having a good time. I mean, there comes a point in every night where enough is enough and then I usually make a break for it, but it’s not hard at all to not drink I don’t even think about it.

11) So I had your Round Three board set up and I focused it the other day for no real reason. What do you have to say about that?
I knew you been working out, dammit. Least I know that my boards are making it down there, for focusing or riding. So I’m pretty psyched. Ha ha.

12) Any final remarks or thank-you’s?
You guys are nice...


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