Chris Nieratko's Wedding Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chris Nieratko's Wedding

Posted on Monday, August 14, 2006 by Brian

Chris Nieratko's Wedding
Words and Photos by Brian Schaefer
Captions by Rob Meronek

Photos from the wedding that appear to be taken by a professional. A straw hat would have gone nice with that pitchfork
A collage of many chill shots taken by Schaefer. He gets around
Dave Carnie's got an itch
Chris and Schaefer at the Nieratko Annual Back Yard BBQ
Next thing you know, Schaefer's going to be on upskirt patrol with these floor shots
Big Brother alumni Heather Roach and Dave Carnie
Robin from Baker, who is now Robin at Vans, and Amy from KCDC. I'll keep my comments on how attractive they are to myself in order to not appear like the creepy stalker type dude
Looks like a fun wedding when girls are under the table. Schaefer's note on this one was, "Robin and Brandi escaping from a strange table visitor."
Brandi and her "plus one", Brian Schaefer. Even when Schaefer dresses up, he still sports the chain wallet
Chris Nieratko from NJ Skateshop tied the knot on July 1, 2006. I wasn’t directly invited to the wedding by Chris, but I was a plus one through Miss Brandi Lozano’s channels. I couldn’t have asked for better company at the wedding and the several days I was in the North East. Brandi works for Sole Tech and Chris Nieratko used to work for Big Brother Magazine. So yes, it is a skateboarding circle of friends that were present. Dave Carnie, Heather Roach, Robin Fleming, Chris Coddle, Amy from KCDC, Gavin from Vice, and many great people were in attendance. They are now officially, or have been for over a month, Mr. and Mrs. Nieratko. They took a month-long honeymoon through Europe and visited Chris' homeland of Brazil. Chris sent me over some of the pictures upon his return so it inspired me to post some of mine as well. Congratulations Chris and Kris and we wish you nothing but smooth sailing, "'til death do you part".


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