Red Bull Party

Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2006 by Ryan

Red Bull Party
Words and Captions: Ryan Clements
Photos: Heath Cofran

Red Bull always seems to do it right. I've had some damn good times on their dime over the past few years. So when our new rep Sarah invited us to spend the night in Orlando to go to an event, I had no idea what to expect. To strike my curiosity even more, she wouldn't tell us where the event was located or what we were actually doing.

Our mission: Be in the lobby of the Disney Swann hotel at 6pm on Sunday night. Not a problem. From there we were whisked off to dinner via van shuttle on I-Drive to get to know the others in our 15-deep crew. The question of the night was, "So what are YOU doing here?"

The next stop was some super-high-end restaurant in yet another Disney resort. We got our drink on again and then were informed that we were going to the House of Blues. At this point I was thinking, "Wow, we must be going to see some private concert with a well-known band or something." That seems exciting, right?

At the HOB Restaurant we were corralled into the bar and given even more drinks. Then I got a text message that read, "Your flight is now boarding." So now I was thinking that the big surprise had something to do with a Disney ride, but my thoughts were soon corrected when we were standing in the VIP line of the House of Blues concert area. The female staff members were all wearing flight attendant uniforms, but with shorter skirts...nice. We were given our "wings" and then found the VIP area.

The rest of the night consisted of drinking too many Red Bull and cherry vodkas. Thanks for the good time.

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