Detour Art Show

Posted on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 by PROMOTION

March 15-29, 2002
Opening Reception: Friday, March 15, 8-Midnight
Admission Opening night $5 per person
No admission during gallery hours: Saturday-Sunday, 12-4pm

Covivant Gallery
4906 N Florida Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603

The curatorial team of Circus Posterus and Prospects Productions, in affiliation with Covivant Gallery, Skatepark of Tampa, and Hyde Park Fine Arts present Detour, a multi-media group exhibition. The event will showcase a cross section of artists throughout the United States, both emerging and established, that share common threads of expression that are grounded in alternative artistic visions. Many represent the urban themes of their environments, others strive for individuality through personal growth and social criticism. This combination of young artists will provide a visual road trip that contains no ideological, cultural, historical, or philosophical boundaries.

Many of the artists to be featured are rooted in the lifestyle of skateboarding, an alternative movement grounded in rebellion, passion, and freedom. The purpose of this exhibition is to promote urban culture by gathering a wide range of imagery produced by street subcultures; showing the similarities that exist between graffiti, skateboarding, painting, photography, film, performance, and installation. The exhibition will provide an outlet for what has traditionally been attacked by mainstream society; movements rooted in non-academic structures, or even those that go against their formal educations. In addition to the variety of artists representing their urban environments, the gallery will showcase artists active in the skateboard community, exhibiting the work of industry designers, media figures, and professional skateboarding personalities. In addition to the various media to be presented, all artists will create original artworks on recycled skateboard decks. For many, the skateboard becomes a symbol of childhood, free expression, or even lawlessness.

The event will also present a special feature to the pro Skate competition at Skate Park of Tampa the same weekend. Invited guest artist, Jim Houser, will do an on site mural on one of the half-pipes during the competition. The self taught artist from Philadelphia is not only known for his skateboard graphics in the industry, but is a well-respected prolific visionary in the fine art arena as well. Participating national artists include Ed Templeton, Jose Gomez, Andy Jenkins Scott Knecht, Atiba Jefferson, Mike Hill, Neil Blender, Ky Baker, Tobin Yelland, Rob Erickson, Saba Haider, and dozens more. Local artists include Chris Deacon, Brandon Dunlap, Derek Washington, P$ynner, the Vitale Brothers, Ron Ricardo, and many more.

DJ Cindy will spark off the musical performances of the evening, followed by DJ Blenda, Bliss, and Misfortune 500 during the opening reception. Live painting and graffiti will also be featured during the opening.

This exhibition is being curated by participating artists Jay Giroux, Carrie Mackin, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Elling Peters, Josh Stewart and Nick Halkias. For more information, please contact Carrie Mackin at 813-928-4661 or visit

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