Real Photos From The Dew Tour 2006

Posted on Monday, October 16, 2006 by Rob

Real Photos From The Dew Tour 2006
Photos and Captions by Jake Schrickling

Jake's caption: Ryan Sheckler - tre flip over hip

Rob's comment: yes, another Sheckler photo - teenie bopper girls gone wild

Jake's caption: Rockstar David Loy - kid was killing the course and signing autographs all the way to the Finals

Rob's comment: a poor teenie bopper's Ryan Sheckler?

Jake's caption: P-Rod - switch front 50-50 down hubba

Rob's comment: armchair skateboard haters will call out the back wheels being off

Jake's caption: PLG - sick switch crook

Rob's comment: I heard he had some crazy ass club techno playing in his run. I wonder if he was on beans

Jake's caption: Neil Hendrix - flip grab over channel

Rob's comment: Suspect - looks like a possible take a poop

Jake's caption: NBC was up Bucky's ass all day - literally here with this crotch shot

Rob's comment: Are those Burberry knee pads??? Oh man, it's the new leopard print for vert skaters

Jake's caption: Kyle Berard airing in front of the gnarly NBC filmer dude

Rob's comment: Yo Berard!!!!!

Jake's caption: Brendan Yul on the lurk with my old freind and fellow texan Chris Gentry

Rob's comment: Brendan, I better not see you on a flow board or I'm deporting you back to some random oriental country

Jake's caption: they announced Rune Gliffberg as the bowl champion of the world but we all know Benji Galloway is

Rob's comment: I guess you're entitled to that opinion

Jake's caption: Anthony Furlong crotch shot doing one of those flip grab things

Rob's comment: I'd rather see another photo of The Senator than Furlong's nut sack

Jake's caption: Anthony Furlong - reppin' SPoT and slapping his tail

Rob's comment: See you at The Reservoir Bar, fool

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