Fashion Show: One at Transitions Art Gallery Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Fashion Show: One at Transitions Art Gallery

Posted on Saturday, December 9, 2006 by Rob

Fashion Show: One at Transitions Art Gallery

It was like 800 below zero so we had to start a nice bum fire

Louis Pinzon should get on the runway with that jacket

The first of many, many foot fetish photos for the night

The kiddie course was like a full on nightclub. At this point there is literally nothing to skate in the Park. That's okay, there was an open bar the whole night. Leave your skateboard at home

Pre-packaged martinis - never seen that before

If I had a few of these fancy waters every now and then, I might have saved myself from being too hammered to hang by 1am

How come no one threw Giles in the bum fire?

I spy a horse mullet

I was cold enough to snow for damn sure

Fuel the bum fire!

Kirk Halinan definitely got better photos than I did with the chill cam

Pause for another foot fetish

Okay, one more foot fetish

The chill cam is now taking photos that exactly match my drunken vision

Now back to the foot fetish

Seriouis foot fetish overdose

George Angel - welcome to the staff

After the bum fire dies, there's a nice lava pit

That's Chris Lehman. What's Giles doing behind the bar?

By the time the show started, I was pretty far gone from free flowing Stella

All eyes on the next model

Mohawk leopard chick

Is that Java? I can't even tell. Too hammered to take decent photos. What a loser

Keep lifting that dress up please

Mad paparazi in the place had all kinds of flashes going off which makes for some trippy chill cam pics

There were some hot outfits. I missed the best one, though. The bartender from Reservoir definitely got first place on the runway

Me Goodwine, you Jane

Giles has a different kind of foot fetish

This is the point where I had to use my camera to remember the night. Seriously, total loser with the booze. Brian Schaefer looks pretty sober, though

Looks like I took some more foot fetish shots

Who are those people? I don't know. Welch and Giles probably woke up together

Wasteoid foot fetish number seven for the night

Ok, Schaefer's not sober - he's picking people up


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