Tampa Am 2007 Jump Start: Early Check Ins Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2007 Jump Start: Early Check Ins

Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 by Rob

Tampa Am 2007 Jump Start: Early Check Ins
The Park is already pretty full with plenty of rippers already destroying the new street course. Below is a list of everyone who walked through the doors today and checked in to skate. If you're not here in Tampa, watch for full coverage of the Contest and nightlife all weekend long right here.


!, Moose
Sponsors: Adio, Hurley, Bones, Momentum Boardshop
Hometown: Oxnard CA
Age: 16
Adams, Brian
Sponsors: Chapter One Skateboards, Chapter One Wheels, Brotherhood Skate Shop
Hometown: Ft Meyers FL
Age: 19
Andres, Jesse
Sponsors: Fateez Clothing, 220 Films
Hometown: San Francisco CA
Age: 17
Arratia, Anton
Sponsors: Foundation (flow)
Hometown: Davenport IA
Age: 21
Asselin, Antoine
Sponsors: Real (flow), Emerica, Volcom, Spin Boardshop, Spitfire, Thunder
Hometown: Montreal Quebec
Age: 17
Blauvelt, Dustin
Sponsors: Destructo, Ninja, Etnies (flow), Powell (flow)
Hometown: Redford MI
Age: 17
Bowerbank, Tyson
Sponsors: Hurley, Globe, POWELL, Destructo, OGIO, X-Balm, BC Surf and Sport,Kronik, Bones
Hometown: Sandy UT
Age: 12
Browning, Shane
Sponsors: DC, Premium Skateboards, Four Seasons Skatepark
Hometown: Milwaukee WI
Age: 19
Caples, Curren
Sponsors: Element, Hurley, S-One, Adio, Bones, Momentum Surf Co. Indy, 1685
Hometown: Ventura CA
Age: 11
Carvalho, Lucas
Sponsors: Element, Von-zipper, Globe, Circuit, SKATE ATÉ MORRER
Hometown: Sao Paulo
Age: ?
Coleman, Lamonzo
Sponsors: SPA USA, Arbor, Active, Fly Paper
Hometown: Watts CA
Age: 21
Conover, Sean
Sponsors: Circa, Foundation Skateboards, Ogio, Pig Wheels, Ezekiel, Destructo, NewBlood Skate Shop
Hometown: San Diego CA
Age: 18
Davis, Cody
Sponsors: 3rd Lair, World Industries, Globe, Innes, Bones Wheels and Bearings, Dakine, Destructo
Hometown: Ramsey MN
Age: 13
DeVaughn, Marques
Sponsors: Element (flow), Globe Footwear, Autobahn, Nesta Brand Clothing, Elements Shop, 4seasons sk8park, Kragon A.S.
Hometown: Milwaukee WI
Age: 23
Dillow, Ryan
Sponsors: Havoc, Crimson, DNA
Hometown: Tampa FL
Age: 16
Donnelly, Jake
Sponsors: Sunday Skateshop, Emerica (flow)
Hometown: Buffalo NY
Age: 19
Figueroa, Justin
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Active Ride Shop, Thunder Trucks (flow), Altamont Clothing (flow), Bones, Emerica (flow)
Hometown: Irvine CA
Age: 16
Fonseca, Miguel Castro
Sponsors: Volcom Dist.- Costa Rica
Hometown: Heredia
Age: 24
Geilfuss, Tom
Sponsors: Untitled Skateboards, 3 Rideshop, Anthem Footwear, Ninx Clothing, Indy (flow)
Hometown: Baltimore MD
Age: 19
Gow, Ian
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Anti-Hero (flow), Independent, Spitfire, Vox (flow)
Hometown: Tampa FL
Age: 21
Green, Aaron
Sponsors: Nobyl, Blue Tile Skateshop
Hometown: Columbia SC
Age: 18
Gurrola, Tommy
Sponsors: Foundation, Pig, Vans, Revolution
Hometown: Bermuda Dunes CA
Age: 19
Gustavo, Felipe
Sponsors: Plasma, Upstream, Dagringa
Hometown: Brasilia Brazil
Age: 15
Hale, Shawn
Sponsors: Untitled Skateboards, Ergophobia Clothing, Autumn Ramppark, Ogio (flow), Independent (flow)
Hometown: Joplin Missouri
Age: 19
Hatchell, Ben
Sponsors: Powell (flow), Gypsy Clothing, Type-S, Tracker Trucks, Gravity Longboards
Hometown: Houston TX
Age: 16
Hawk, Riley
Sponsors: Adio, Birdhouse, Destructo, RDS, Nixon, Volcom (flow)
Hometown: Carlsbad CA
Age: 14
Jeffries, Sean
Sponsors: Timeline, Osiris, Innes, Havoc, Utopia
Hometown: Lakeland FL
Age: 17
Johnson, Jake
Sponsors: Chapman Am, Es (flow), WESC (flow)
Hometown: State College PA
Age: 19
Kanfoush, Austin
Sponsors: Blank Skate
Hometown: Pittsburgh PA
Age: 16
Keaveny, Brendan
Sponsors: Allied Board Shop, Sheeple
Hometown: Valley Center CA
Age: 17
Kirkland, Robbie
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, eS (flow), Zoo York (flow), Ninja (flow), Krew (flow), Spitfire, Thunder, Gravy Records
Hometown: Tampa FL
Age: 21
Knuth, Timmy
Sponsors: Graffiti Skate Zone, Duffs, Ninja, Venture, S-One, DNA energy drink
Hometown: Melbourne FL
Age: 15
Leddy, Brendan
Sponsors: Chapman Am, DC (flow)
Hometown: Perry Maine
Age: 18
Lee, Jared
Sponsors: Untitled Skateboards, BP Skatepark, Adio, Independent, Analog(flow), Dakine, Sentry Wheels
Hometown: Waynesville NC
Age: 23
Loy, David
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Emerica (flow), Hurley, Destructo, Active, Spitfire
Hometown: Santa Ana CA
Age: 15
Matabele, Mario
Sponsors: Four Seasons Skatepark, The Yard, Adio (flow), Planet Earth, Red Bull, Motto Griptape
Hometown: Berkely CA
Age: 16
Maxham, Jordan
Sponsors: Sheeple Industries, Talent Skatepark, Peter Glenn
Hometown: Barre VT
Age: 16
Narloch, Dan
Sponsors: 3rd Lair, Street Corner Distribution
Hometown: White Bear Lake MN
Age: 15
Nepscha, Dan
Sponsors: 1031, Beer Nutz, Four Seasons Skatepark, Phase 2, Circa (Flow)
Hometown: Milwaukee WI
Age: 20
O'Neill, Shane Nugget
Sponsors: Nike SB AUS, Quiksilver, Almost, PSC, Hardcore Distribution
Hometown: Melbourne Australia
Age: 17
Pardee, Bill
Sponsors: Nobyl Skateboards, Rhythm Skate Shop
Hometown: North Augusta SC
Age: 22
Perry, Dylan
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Etnies (flow), Habitat (flow), Innes(flow), Bones Wheels
Hometown: Tampa FL
Age: 18
Plummer, Kass
Sponsors: Ergophobia Clothing
Hometown: Coco Beach FL
Age: 23
Provost, Collin
Sponsors: Element, Volcom, Emerica (flow), Oakley, Thunder, Spitfire, Active
Hometown: Huntington Beach CA
Age: 16
Rieder, Dylan
Sponsors: Alien Workshop, Vans, Spitfire, Thunder, Quiksilver, MOB, Jack's Garage, Swiss, Roughneck Hardware
Hometown: Westminster CA
Age: 18
Rodrigues, Ruben
Sponsors: Element, Etnies, Eastpack
Hometown: Portugal
Age: 21
Rohrer, Tom
Sponsors: 3rd Lair, Accel, Navigator Trucks (flow), Volume Skateboards
Hometown: Minneapolis MN
Age: 16
Smith, Taylor
Sponsors: PLAN B (flow), Volcom, Independent, Boost Mobile, Nixon, Monster
Hometown: Encinitas CA
Age: 12
Stulz, Shaun
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Adio, Quiksilver(flow), Active, Autobahn, Destructo
Hometown: Oceanside CA
Age: 17
Takeishi, Reo
Sponsors: Expedition, DC (Japan only), Quiksilver (Japan Dist)
Hometown: Tokyo
Age: 21
Trapasso, Nick
Sponsors: Toy Machine, Vans, Spitfire, Thunder, Volcom, Cowtown
Hometown: Phoenix AZ
Age: 18
Vestal, Alex
Sponsors: Untitled, Desciple Clothing, Small Time Skate
Hometown: Mexico Missouri
Age: 20
Warfield, Neilson
Sponsors: Pitcrew, DC (flow)
Hometown: MD
Age: 24
Yankou, Lee
Sponsors: Duffs (Canada), Dakine (Canada), Hammer Skate Shop, CBMK Skatepark, Black Label & Indy (through Ultimate Dist)
Hometown: Toronto Ontario, Canada
Age: 17
Yost, Ryan
Sponsors: 3rd Lair, Globe Shoes
Hometown: Minneapolis MN
Age: 18


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