Tampa Am 2007 Street Semi-Finals Heat Sheets Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2007 Street Semi-Finals Heat Sheets

Posted on Sunday, January 21, 2007 by Rob

Tampa Am 2007 Street Semi-Finals Heat Sheets
We took the top 16 from Friday so to keep the odds fair for Saturday, we took the same percentage (15%) of the total skaters. That was 20 skaters. They join the top two from 2006 Damn Am events in Costa Mesa, Minneapolis, and Amsterdam. Those skaters are are David Loy, Ruben Rodrigues, Justin Figueroa, and Manny Santiago. Top ten from today's Semi-Finals make the cut to the Finals.

Travis Glover: Heat 1, 1st skater.
Zoo York (flow), RVCA, Venture, Hubba, Ambush Skateshop
Daniel Espinoza: Heat 1, 2nd skater.
Powell, Adio, Bones Wheels, Pharmacy Boardshop
Manny Santiago: Heat 1, 3rd skater.
Shorty's, Thunder (flow), Spitfire (flow), Oakley, DC Shoe Co., Pioneers Board Shop, Thanks Camera
Notes: Went straight to Tampa Am 2007 Semi's from winning 3rd Lair Damn Am.
Nick Merlino: Heat 1, 4th skater.
Baker, Destructo, Altamont (flow), Emerica (flow)
Shane Nugget O'Neill: Heat 1, 5th skater.
Nike SB AUS, Quiksilver, Almost, PSC, Hardcore Distribution
Sierra Fellers: Heat 1, 6th skater.
Circa, Venture, Foundation, Spirit Skate Shop, CCS, Nixon
Notes: Tampa Am 2004: qualified first, then won the damn thing. Also won Best Trick that year.
Marius Syvanen: Heat 1, 7th skater.
Santa Cruz, Billabong, Ricta, Independent, Sun Diego, Osiris
Chris Troy: Heat 1, 8th skater.
Adio, Black Label, Innes, Independent, Spitfire
Notes: 9th at Damn Am Volcom 2006, 3rd at AmsterDamn Am 2006. Got sunk in the dunk tank by Body right before his run at his first Damn Am at Volcom.
Evan Smith: Heat 1, 9th skater.
Mesh Skatepark, Ezekiel, DC Shoe Co. (flow), Force Trucks
Gilbert Crockett: Heat 1, 10th skater.
Dominion Skateboard Shop, Fallen (flow), Mystery (flow)
Brendan Keaveny: Heat 1, 11th skater.
Allied Board Shop, Sheeple
Chazz Ortiz: Heat 1, 12th skater.
Bones, Zoo York (flow), ES (flow), Diamond, UXA, WARP Skatepark
Jeff Bauman: Heat 1, 13th skater.
Roots Skateboards, DC, Autobahn, Cal Surf, Venture (flow)
Notes: Check out his part in Weekend Warriers at Platinum Seagulls.com
Vince Del Valle: Heat 1, 14th skater.
Hurley, adidas, Crimson, Krux (flow)
Notes: 12th at Damn Am Volcom 2006. 5th in the Volcom Am Mini Ramp Jam Surf Expo Sept 2006.
Dominic Dietrich: Heat 1, 15th skater.
Quiksilver, Etnies, Thunder
Dan Narloch: Heat 1, 16th skater.
3rd Lair, Street Corner Distribution
Grant Taylor: Heat 1, 17th skater.
Alien Workshop, Nike SB, Volcom, Independent, Stratosphere
Micky Papa: Heat 1, 18th skater.
Plan B, DC, RDS, Indy, Underworld Shop, Spitfire
Torey Pudwill: Heat 1, 19th skater.
DVS, Matix, Skatelab, Active, Alien Workshop (flow), Ogio, Force Trucks
Louie Lopez: Heat 2, 1st skater.
Flip, Volcom, Globe, Momentum Surf Co, Royal Trucks
Ed Driscoll: Heat 2, 2nd skater.
5boro, Volcom (flow), Eastern Boarder, eS Footwear (flow), Oakley
Notes: Ripping part in the 5Boro video. Had an off day at Phoenix Am 2006 - got DFL.
Alex Mizurov: Heat 2, 3rd skater.
Plan B, Red Dragon Apparel, Hubba, Osiris, Silver, FKD, Ogio, Nixon, Hubba,
Andrew Pott: Heat 2, 4th skater.
Shorty's, Ghetto Child, Venture, Oakley, 9 Star Skateshop
Tyler Surrey: Heat 2, 5th skater.
Sun Diego, Planet Earth (flow), Osiris (flow), Fury (flow)
Taylor Smith: Heat 2, 6th skater.
PLAN B (flow), Volcom, Independent, Boost Mobile, Nixon, Monster
Dominique Johnson: Heat 2, 7th skater.
Adio, Shred Shed, Venture
Donovan Piscopo: Heat 2, 8th skater.
Zero (flow), Utility Board Shop, Emerica (flow), Fury Trucks, Hurley
Jordan Hoffart: Heat 2, 9th skater.
Powell, Globe, Bones, Indy, Mada, Project Hardware
Dustin Blauvelt: Heat 2, 10th skater.
Destructo, Ninja, Etnies (flow), Powell (flow)
Kevin Romar: Heat 2, 11th skater.
Popwar, Ice Cream Shoes, Fury, Bones, Electric, Furnace Skateshop, Mada
Ruben Rodrigues: Heat 2, 12th skater.
Element, Etnies, Eastpack
Notes: Went straight to Tampa Am 2007 Semi's from Winning AmsterDamn Am.
Chris Mendes: Heat 2, 13th skater.
Emerica (flow), Fury, LRG, Banned Board Shop
Lee Yankou: Heat 2, 14th skater.
Duffs (Canada), Dakine (Canada), Hammer Skate Shop, CBMK Skatepark, Black Label & Indy (through Ultimate Dist)
Ben Gore: Heat 2, 15th skater.
Nike (flow), Billabong, Nixon, MIA, Satori, Rasa Libre (flow)
Notes: Quit World. Looking for a wood sponsor. Hook him up.
David Gonzalez: Heat 2, 16th skater.
Flip, Fury trucks, Ricta Wheels, Globe Shoes, Libre Skateshop
David Loy: Heat 2, 17th skater.
Birdhouse, Emerica (flow), Hurley, Destructo, Active, Spitfire
Notes: Went straight to Tampa Am 2007 Semi's from Winning Damn Am at Volcom.
T.J. Sparks: Heat 2, 18th skater.
Vans, Bones Wheels and Bearings, Nixon, Westside Skateshop
Justin Figueroa: Heat 2, 19th skater.
Birdhouse, Active Ride Shop, Thunder Trucks (flow), Altamont Clothing (flow), Bones, Emerica (flow)
Notes: Went straight to Tampa Am 2007 Semi's from getting second in AmsterDamn Am.


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