A Random Trip to Puerto Rico - Day 1

Posted on Saturday, February 10, 2007 by Rob

A Random Trip to Puerto Rico - Day 1

Some cargo door or something was busted, which caused the most insane plane delay ever

Finally, we're on the plane. This is what it looks like flying into San Juan, Puerto Rico

I could stare out of a plane window all day

A colorful community seen from the sky

Finally, we're here. Ryan Dodge, me, Bolle our local tour guide, and Frosty. Bolle works in the sketchy skateboard industry with us and showed us a whole new side to Puerto Rico that tourists never make it to

Our hotel is in an amazing location with a view that will keep you at the window for a while

Bolle took us to a section of town that he calls "Little Amsterdam." It's super ghetto and fairly sketchy. We went to a house party there and made instant friends with everyone hanging out. It's a rough neighborhood but everyone we met was either a skater or a surfer and super nice

How do you say foot fetish in Spanish?

The ghetto party got extra live when a wireless mic was passed around and everyone spit some of the lyrics. It was seriously jamming. These dudes know how to party and have a good time

We're staying in an area called Old San Juan. We're standing in the cannonball launcher shute of some old fort on the beach right here

Over and out. It's now Saturday morning and we are about to hit up some great street spots after we soak it up at the beach for a bit

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