A Random Trip to Puerto Rico - Day 3 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Random Trip to Puerto Rico - Day 3

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2007 by Rob

A Random Trip to Puerto Rico - Day 3

According to someone who posted a comment on the site, "fetiche de pies" is how you say foot fetish in Spanish. This guy with the club feet was a local junkie we saw every day in front of our hotel

Most of the girls there seem to dress extra spicy like our new friend the bartender here

Some random art in Old San Juan

Lost on the very narrow streets of Old San Juan. Driving there is crazy. We made several three point right turns even though we had a compact car. Things are tight there and you need to be a pro at parallel parking

We ended our Saturday night on the roof of the hotel just checking out the amazing views

The roof is where Frosty decided to involuntarily pass out (beer still in hand) so Dodge and I went and got our pillow and decided to just sleep on some chairs on the roof because the weather was absolutely perfect

Sunday morning we woke up and drove for a couple hours to this place called the Ditch of Death. I'm not really a fan of skating anything with "death" in the name, but the ditch turned out to be pretty fun. It's in the middle of nowhere. This guy's a local cart pusher

So there's part of the ditch. Apparently, someone died skating here years ago

It's an uphill battle to get to the walls at the top of each bank. Frosty's barely making it with enough speed on this wallride to fakie

I can't remember this guy's name. This is a heelflip to fakie

There are four levels of drop offs going downhill in the ditch. This is Bolle, our tour guide that made our trip for the weekend by showing us spots and making us legit to hang out in La Perla, the hard hitting Puerto Rican ghetto in Old San Juan

Dodge took the hike to try out the very tough to ride full pipe at the bottom of the ditch

Frosty kickflips to fakie on one of the steeper parts of the ditch towards the bottom

Video footage of Frosty's uphill push battle to get to a backside wallride

After our Ditch of Death session, Bolle climbed a nearby orange tree and shook down some snacks for us

Right near the ditch is another amazing beach with some crazy rocks that water shoots out of when the waves break on the shore

If we had more time, I'd like to start a fire and stay the night at this lagoon here by the beach

I guess this thing Dodge and I are standing in is an old church that was near the beach. If it was really a church, I probably would have caught on fire

Reverend Dodge presiding over the church

It was just over two hundred bucks to fly to Puerto Rico from Tampa. There is no passport required, they use American money, and your cell phone still works like normal there. You have no excuse not to experience this place. We'll be back real soon

After skating all day Sunday, we spent Sunday night in the full blown tourist area of San Juan where they charge different prices based on if you're white or not

This random tourist we ran into could not handler the rum

Another friendly bartender. We didn't run into any lame people at all there except for a few sketchy store owners that make up prices after they look you up and down

More random artwork somewhere on the streets of San Juan

We sat on the high walls of the fortress looking down on La Perla, the place where the party was at that Bolle brought us to. Goodbye Puerto Rico. See you soon


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