Australia Chill Time - Day Two Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Australia Chill Time - Day Two

Posted on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 by Rob

Australia Chill Time - Day Two

Dan Murphy's liquor joint?

Sierra Fellers is my new partner in nightlife crime. Plus, on Saturday, he's going to switch heel the Varsity double set

I wouldn't be Australia without Jake Duncombe

P-Stone and Kyle Berard - two great travel companions

Mark Appleyard and Lee Ralph. I wonder what Apples has for the Varsity double set on Saturday?

A sample of the beer selection

Chet Thomas and Brian Schaefer. Chet, thanks for bringing SPoTlight Productions along for this Aussie adventure

I plugged the printer into an outlet and thick smoke started pouring out of every crevace like a Satori hotel room. Apparently, there's some kind of different voltage thing going on here. Once I got a converter, the printer ended up working even after being fried like an egg


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