Australia Day Five - Double Stack Cash Attack

Posted on Saturday, March 3, 2007 by Ryan

Australia Day Five - Double Stack Cash Attack
This is what we were all waiting for…the final countdown had arrived. It was the midnight hour, and those that were man enough stepped up and made it happen. There were some no shows, but I won’t be calling anyone out, because if you saw what this enormous six-flat-seven looked like, well, then you probably wouldn’t have been jumping down it either.

It was hot as hell, the permits were pulled, the cash was on hand, and the cops had traffic blocked for the run-up. We were trying to hold off as long as possible, but the couple thousand in attendance wanted to see some action. Anything and everything landed down this beast of a set was worthy of recognition, so if you landed something worthy you got $500 cash, with the exception of Paul Machnau’s boneless, which seemed to slip by ol’ Phelpers.

At one point there was a diversion. Some kook rolled up on inline skates and was eyeing up the double-set. He was getting clowned on the mic when someone told me that the helmeted madman was actually Globe president Gary Valentine. To everyone’s surprise he actually attempted to ollie (or whatever you call it) the set and completely ate it and scorpioned on the ground below. Back to the skateboarding…

Here’s who did what. There were no placings with the exception of first, just honorable mentions:
  • Terell Robinson – $500 for the first kickflip of the day (first try, but we made him do it again) and $500 for the 50-50 down the hubba (he was the only one to make anything down the hubba at all)
  • Paul Rodriguez – $500 for the varial heel which he landed right away, and although he couldn’t nail the switch fs heel, he still got a $500 bonus at the end
  • Chima Ferguson – $500 for the best damn bs 360 ollie of all time and a $1000 bonus
  • Stefan Janoski – the most laid-back style in skateboarding took $500 for a buttery switch flip and then ended up with another G as a bonus
  • Sierra Fellers – have you ever seen Sierra do a switch heel? It’s truly magic. That’s why he earned $500 and then an additional $1500 for his maneuver. Oh yeah, he got $200 for a proper fs tuck-knee, too
  • Jesse Newman – can’t forget the kid that got $500 for ollieing that $h!t barefoot!
  • Greg Lutzka – $500 for the fs flip, $500 for the fakie flip, and then an additional $2000 bonus for taking a serious beating for over an hour on the fakie flip
And the winner is:

ADAM DYET – $30,500 – yes, I typed that correctly. Dyet got $500 on the spot for the switch bs heel (perfect landing) and then walked away with the Double Stack Cash Attack title and a $30,000 check! Not bad for a kid from Utah. He’s saving up for a house, so how appropriate…and he was the most stoked winner of all time

The dust settled and as far as we know, all went according to planned. The spectators disbursed and the double-set went back to being just another part of the University. Later that evening the After-Party was held at the Hard Rock and we were all graced with a set by Bad $h!t!, Jake Phelps’ and Tony Trujillo’s band. The drinks were free and the place got a bit loose, and once again I noticed that there were actually more girls than skateboarders in attendance. I still don’t know how they manage to pull that off.

Special thanks to Globe and Thrasher for making this past weekend possible and for all of the great people of Oz for making us feel so welcome.


Just watching the flatground warm up session before the event was amazing. P-Rod, Sierra, Dyet, Lutzka, Janoski, Terell, and more were all getting their flick dialed before the carcass toss down the double

P-Rod signed autographs and then gave his hat to some random kid who then proceeded to brag to all his friends like he just hooked up with a supermodel or something

Right from the start, tricks were getting stuck. Greg Lutzka made this frontside flip in just a few tries

Paul Rodriguez had no problem with this varial heel

Terell Robinson aka The Predator kickflipped it first try. Jake Phelps called it sloppy so Terell kickflipped it again on his next try

Sierra Fellers' switch heel photo would look way better if I had a fisheye and was standing where that filmer is

This is the $30,000 trick. Adam Dyet - switch back heel

This is Gary Valentine, the owner/founder of Globe. Apparently he's nuts

Everyone was given five final tries to make their trick after time was up. Greg Lutzka made this fakie flip on his last attempt, then smashed into a filmer and spit blood

Nick Trapasso's hard flip got the gong from Phelps because of the patty cakes landing

Remember the contents section of Thrasher where Chima Furguson did this backside 360? We all got to see it in person except for me. I saw it through a tiny glass hole in a camera

That's the crowd at the bottom of the stairs

This dude is pretty much the Aussie Scotty the Body. Yesterday he was flap jacking himself jumping off the roof and into the mini-ramp. Today he showed up at the double set and ollied it barefoot for $500

If you're wondering what the run-up looks like, here it is. That's Tony Tave setting up for a nollie inward heel that he came real close to making

Adam Dyet's check (after Australian taxes and US taxes) is going towards a down payment on a new house

The lingo is pretty funny here. They abbreviate everything Snoop Dog style. Breakfast is brekky as you can see here. For some reason jelly means jello. When Rothmeyer asked for some jelly to put on his toast at breakfast, the server looked at him like he was retarded

Skating is done and now it's time for a raging party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Surfer's Paradise. Dyet and Schaefer are ready to rock

Chet Thomas broke about 15 glasses that I saw. I don't know how he didn't get thrown out

This photo shows the chick ratio at the party - two to one

I've heard many bad bouncer stories and experienced two myself. Tony Tave had one, too. He was walking out of a club and the bouncer told him to take his hat off. While walking out? Yeah, who wouldn't tell the meathead to piss off? Well, meathead puts Tony in a full armlock and later pops him in the lip. All those bad bouncer stories you hear about this place are true

The pit was extra loose during Bad $h!t's performance

Jake Duncombe up in the mix

Dennis Durrant - I didn't know he was from here. He's a local

Jake Phelps was calling Ryan Clements "greyskull" on the mic. That's Clements and Blair with some girl I can't remember. Right about here, the night starts to get foggy

Yep, it was an open bar which means double fisters everywhere. I've never seen the wine double fist, though. Can't remember this girl's name or even taking the photo. What a loser

Ok, now I'm starting to remember things. This is Schaefer getting thrown out of the Hard Rock. He sure looks pretty excited for someone getting the boot from the party

Chris Haslam and yet another girl whose name I can't remember

Lee Ralph is taking Trixie away like a caveman who just clubbed her over the head

I don't even remember what I talked to this girl about, but apparently I'm way cooler when I'm drunk, at least based on the photos in my camera

The night's almost over and I just realized I haven't taken any foot fetish shots. Here's one of many

That's Chris Haslam and Hunter the Nike Team Manager. I bet that's the face he makes when he watches crappy sponsor me tapes

There's the pasta girl again. Still can't remember what pasta her name is. Ziti? Penne? I know it's not rigatoni. I'm getting hungry now

I think this might be the pasta girl in a foot fetish. Not sure

Bottle thief! Hell yeah

When I got back to the hotel, I found Adam Dyet a little tired out front

Rhino and Terell were hanging out extra late, too

Edwina answered all my questions about the culture here. We went over everything from Aussie slang terms for weed to whether or not the dudes here are cut or uncut. Edwina says it's about 50/50 on the the anteaters vs the clean cuts

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