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It's Getting Stale in Here

Posted on Friday, April 13, 2007 by Brian

It's Getting Stale in Here
By Brian Schaefer

So over the last year, I have been getting letters from Justin which is a skater that I know through our Park. I can’t even remember what he went to jail for, but he has been in there for quite some time and still has at least 30 months to go. “Ya never know what you have ‘til it’s gone” and the words in this letter kind of sums it up. Through his magazines he gets to live through skateboarding in a jail cell. He touched on the loss of Shane Cross and Ben Pappas, Andrew Reynolds being the man by B-side flipping Wallenberg, and you can hear how much he loves skateboarding. If you have time, be sure to send him a letter or anything for that matter, especially if it involves skateboarding.

His address is:

Justin M Curtis
#K62605 G-4102-L
Columbia Correctional Institution
216 SE Corrections Way
Lake City, FL 32025


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